Life Lessons....

I just need a minute of your time…


So recently i have just come back from holiday in Spain and as holidays do they help you reflect on everything and its made me realise that as a 25 year old single male who’s working a normal Monday – Friday 08:30/5:00pm job that there is so much of my life that i am frustrated about.

I’m frustrated because i feel stuck in a job that i HATE to pay rent for a house thats not mine, to not really have many true friends, no girlfriend, stuck in a small town with small town mentality and i know that myself and others around me are BIGGER and BETTER than this, and this got me thinking about everything and even you fellow bloggers out there…..

Am i normal for feeling like this and thinking like this? is it bad that i want MORE from life that i am getting? because IF i could (not saying i would) but if i could i would pack my stuff and head for the city/London and just pursuit my dreams of doing music and being in the music industry…Now some of you will say “Well why don’t you just do it?” and thats a great question but I’m always told that we need to make sure we are set here first and i agree but i feel like I’m going to burst sometimes and do something irrational (like i keep dreaming about walking out of my job and giving them a swift and polite F YOU out of the door).

So as i write this, i would love to hear your advice and if any of you have made the big jump and moved somewhere different or far away? or what your thoughts on it are? and if you are reading this feeling the same i ENCOURAGE you to be confident and brave, to not accept leading a normal life and be GREAT, be BOLD and DIFFERENT!, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT A JOB PURELY FOR THE MONEY YOU MUST LIKE THE JOB!!!!!, You MUST be around people who want you to win and do well!, You must really tune into your surroundings and ask yourself uncomfortable questions sometimes.., See  i want to leave a positive mark on the world and be positive, bring happiness to others and really make a difference and live COMFORTABLY, i want to build something i am proud of and pass on what I’ve learnt and all the mistakes I’ve made that i wish my parents and loved ones would have told me to be careful of etc, But i want you to feel inspired and encouraged by this….i want you to really look deep inside yourself and find your purpose and passion.

Find something you love and that you’re passionate about, find a way to make it into a CAREER for you, take photos, write poems and music, film that video or youtube channel you’ve always wanted, start a fashion line, write a blog, build a business, join that dance class, do that marathon, don’t discourage ANYONE, Be the reason someone wakes up and smiles on a morning, give someone a hug who needs one, tell someone their great, create the life YOU want to live, be the best at whatever it is you love to do. I believe in you and i know we all have greatness within us and i don’t want ANYONE older, younger or the same age to feel the way i feel because its shit and we ALL deserve GREATNESS.

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Your Friend Always,

GS xo

Life Lessons....

Things That I LOVE About Women…


So this is MY list of things that i love about women, a collection from things that i love (obviously) and things from my relationship with  Scarlett aswell and i felt that i should write something like this so you all know how amazing women you are and that there are men who appreciate and love all these things (no matter how big or small they seem!)

I hope i inspire people to write their own lists…. if you do please let me know and if you like what I’ve written please like and even reblog it! i hope to reach as many people as i can. So here goes…

I Love…

  • The way you smile when someone tells you you’re beautiful (even though for some CRAZY reason you don’t believe them)
  • Your hair
  • How it sometimes takes you forever to get ready (i actually used to enjoy watching my ex get ready)
  • How when you leave the house i find 295372719495 hair clips all over the house
  • Your Eyes!!!!
  • Your smile
  • How proud/the face you made when i was playing soccer/football (because you knew how good i was and how much i tried when you was there)
  • How much you laughed when i nearly made your whole family throw up playing sports with them because of how quietly competitive i was
  • The way you told me that i will be a great man and a great husband and father one day
  • How all the doubts about life you took away with just one look
  • How amazing you were/are around children
  • How your hands are always warmer than mine
  • The way you get excited on a date night
  • Your smell/perfume
  • How much family matters to you
  • How much you listen and pay attention to something even if you don’t really like it or care about it (like my favourite sports or music etc)
  • How you enjoy your food and get me trying more foods!
  • Your sense of humour
  • Your strong and warm heart
  • How beautiful you are with no makeup
  • How affectionate and how close you like being
  • The way you smile after we kiss
  • The way you nag (in a good way) when i need to do something important like go to the doctors etc
  • How you share your life with me and appreciate the life i share with you
  • How you talk in your sleep
  • Your sneeze (yes i said that!)
  • When you bite your lip
  • When your hair is in a ponytail or pigtails
  • When you wear my clothes
  • How you put others before you
  • How cute you can be when you’re jealous (see the next point!!)
  • How you would kiss me after reassuring you that i only had eyes for you
  • How AMAZING you look in a dress
  • Spooning!! Big spoon or little i don’t care 😛
  • The look on your face when i would surprise you at work
  • The way you say “I Love You
  • The face you make when i tell you that “I Love You
  • Your hugs and kisses
  • Your body
  • How you lay on my chest and wrap your leg around me
  • How you react when i tickle your back
  • How goofy and funny you can be
  • All the TV shows you love (Friends, One Tree Hill Etc)
  • Your sweet tooth and how much you loved me bringing you chocolate!
  • All the songs we share!
  • All the times we’ve laughed and cried together
  • How you buy us men something (even if its big or small) just to let us know that you’re thinking of us and care
  • When you play video games with us
  • How you make life exciting when you’re around
  • How you have 132434657434548 Dresses/Clothes/Shoes but still cant decide what to wear 😛
  • The way you’d sit on my knee
  • When you’d fall asleep on me in the cinema
  • The way you hold my hand
  • When you rest your head on my shoulder
  • When you know how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking even when i try to hide it (wether it be because I’m feeling down or sad etc)
  • How you make me want to do everything better
  • How you make me a better man
  • Having really vulnerable and intimate conversations about life and love and thoughts and feelings etc
  • The way you look when you run
  • Your sense of style and the clothes you wear
  • How you love to shop for me and pick out clothes and stuff for me
  • Kisses in the rain!
  • Always being by my side at social gatherings and sitting with me when I’m somewhere i find really awkward (like your rich auntie and uncles massive family party)
  • All the amazing and sweet text messages and phone calls throughout the day
  • The neck/collarbone area!
  • Your ears and how cute and small they are
  • How soft your skin is
  • When you’ve just come out of the shower and you’re wearing a towel
  • When you laugh at my jokes when they’re not funny
  • Flirting, how it can go from 0-100 real quick
  • Eye contact from far away and the smile that you make when you’re happy to see me
  • Your sexy phone voice
  • How you ALWAYS used to play with your belly button
  • How you used to have SO MANY different smiles, like smiles when you were thinking of something that made you happy or the smile you used to do when only looking at me, the fake smile when you were sad but wanted to hide it, i could list more!
  • How you always used to say you were cold so you could take one of my jackets or jumpers and i would never get it back 😛
  • All the car trips and laughs in the car singing to our favourite songs
  • All your cute hidden talents
  • How unintentionally and intentionally sexy you are
  • How you look in your underwear
  • How much you love kisses on your neck and collarbone
  • How you would get excited talking about the future (usually about having a nice cottage somewhere and being married with a mini me running around the house!)
  • How EVERYTHING made you emotional or how you found everything cute
  • Our favourite spot/hiding place
  • How much you loved that i could tell when we were texting when you was tired (literally freaked her out haha)

I’m sure I’ve missed so many more things out aswell but i feel that most men don’t appreciate or show appreciation for the little things that makes you YOU, and you may have been burnt or hurt in the past or scared to love again but never give up, just because you had 1 bad experience (or a few sometimes), i do believe there is someone out there for everyone but you have to keep being yourself, stay classy, keep your standards high and there will be guys who will be willing to walk 1000 miles for you.

Your Friend Always,

GS xo

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Holiday Blues… 


Well I’ve just returned from my holiday in a country in Europe and I’m very fortunate that my father owns an apartment there and the flights are cheap so I can travel there!, but spending 8 days there has been one hell of a holiday. 

From playing volleyball at 1am on the beach to long walks, drinks, meeting new people, singing in front of people to exploring new places, these 8 days have been so interesting and fun and now I’m back home, back to the small town mentality, back to the 9-5 KPI, target watching job that’s easy but unfulfilling.

This holiday has made me realise that you need to build a life so good that you don’t need to take a vacation from, or build a life at home that’s so good that when you are on vacation and you return that you aren’t dreading going back, instead you come back with a sense of purpose and ready to take on the world! 

Also I realised that being single for so long kinda made me wish I had someone to share the experience with and how I do miss being with someone but I know that you can’t rush love, you can’t rush things and meeting people. Everything takes time 🙂 

Go travel, see the world, see what’s out there, be brave and be bold, don’t be normal, normal sucks. Change your routine, change your mind and change your life. I’m still on the road to self discovery, to self fulfilment and towards my dream also. 

Just wanted to post and check in with you guys! 

Your Friend,

Gs x


Today,Tomorrow, Forever


I use this picture as an example, I don’t care if you’re a male or a female reading this, but this is how you want your partner to look at you.

When your with him and her and wether you can see it, this is true love it’s weird how I observe my friends relationships and situations and I can read wether they’re settling, made, “perfect” for each other, happy, sad no matter what they say and do.

The problem is I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m honest, I’m so old school and old fashioned that I honestly know that I don’t know how I will now meet someone in the future, because I won’t find someone who will love me and have the same morals and values as me, and do you know what frustrates me and worries me? Is all these couples who when they’re partners aren’t around are commenting on how “fit” and “hot” someone ELSE is! Or acting like they’re single when they’re away from their partners…

Sure have a good time with your friends etc but I just cannot understand it, everytime I’ve been with a woman I’ve been married IN MY MIND, because I want to be THAT loyal, I don’t want or stare at another female, sure I’d speak and be polite etc but I wouldn’t flirt or be THAT GUY who’s always commenting on other women, especially behind my woman’s back.

Plus there’s the fact that I’m still not financially secure and that I don’t feel comfortable with my current job, my music and acting career is going well but not enough to bump into old friends Etc and for me to feel like I’ve moved forward much.

It’s been 2 years and counting I think since I saw and heard anything from Scarlett, still feels weird, still feels like I’ve been stung badly it still gets to me in moments but it has and is lessened.

I sometimes see family’s and couples and I really wanted all that, I wanted to be a father and have a child and have my own home and now that dream post Scarlett has just completely left my mind.

I would love to date again and see who’s out there but I just couldn’t go back to the beginning and start all over, I’ve been talking to girls and women I tried tinder I went our more but somewhere in me just doesn’t feel right with it.

I do feel stupid for it, but maybe I need that moment where I see Scarlett or her with another guy to really hit me in the gut, I need to get back into the gym regular and keep up with my football(soccer to American friends) and just keep pushing towards a better life.

I’m writing this because I know that there’s love out there for everyone and there’s chances everyday, but you have to be careful, there’s thorns dressed as roses and that’s what’s worrying, but I guess we can’t live in fear right?

Keep smiling, stay positive and who knows what will happen in this thing we called life.

I believe everything happens for a reason, fate is a crazy thing sometimes

Love always,

G.S 🌹



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Film Review “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”


There’s something I have to confess…..I’m Abit of a geek…but it’s okay I like being Abit of a “geek”, I love wrestling, comic book films, video games etc, hey I’m in my mid 20’s! Although I’m probably still going to be the same in my 50’s! Haha….

I’ve recently just finished seeing this movie and wow it blew me away and I wanted to quickly review and talk about WHY and what I think neutral and skeptical fans and viewers will get out of this movie!



I don’t want to include MAJOR spoilers… so I won’t, but Spider-Man/Peter Parker has friends and foes but the brilliant cast compliment one another with replicating the feelings of being hurt by a close friend and also the feeling of making new friends!



One of my closest blogging friends spoke to me about “Hope”… And this is talked about in Gwen’s speech! Underneath here shows what she says and it’s a fantastic speech! Also about love… Emma stone and Andrew Garfield are incredible together and have fantastic chemistry! It helps that they actually are in a relationship with one another and it really shines through! From the awkward like moments to loving one another to being friends who can’t resist each other…you name it its there!




This film has alot of lessons of life,responsibility, the cost of power and everything In between, it was beautifully acted and shot, it actually made me cry I was so overwhelmed with the performances and impressed with the fluidity and roller coaster that the story took you on…. It is a MUST see for any movie lovers, romance lovers,action lovers..the list goes on! For me it had everything in a movie that I like, fantastic storytelling and hey if you like this movie comment below tell me what you love about it and I might do reviews of more movies let me know what you think 🙂

Your Friend,

Spider-Man….erm I mean G.S

Life Lessons....



Okay so we all have that one (or quite a few people) that have effected your life positively and negatively through love and heartbreak…. And I must admit my Recovery from Scarlett has it’s high points, it’s low points and all the points in between.

So I thought I’d talk about some of the points, firstly I will talk about inspiration. It’s actually made me a stronger person by my love for her is helping my writing and chasing my dream, she wanted me achieving it, she did support all that I did and now that she’s not around me I feel I have a duty to fulfil, for her and obviously for myself. GO CHASE YOUR DREAMS GUYS!!!!!!!!!

Secondly I want to talk about bitterness. Yes you’ve read that properly, I’m not gunna lie I hated her guts for a very long time, I couldn’t hear OUR songs anymore, she ruined all the things I used to love and enjoy doing, and a part of me and a lot of my determination comes from wanting to prove her wrong, that I am a good man, that I did love her as much as I always told her, that I will become successful, that I will have a secure future etc, some will use bitterness in bad ways, but I try to convert it to positive, when I forget why I started chasing my dream, I think of her, I think of the feeling of the love, support and also loneliness, sadness, hurt in my heart and I get fired up again, I remember and treasure them moments to get me back in the game!
Don’t be bitter be BETTER that’s what I try to remember.

My next point is Blessing. Blessing in disguise, I’ve been loved, I’ve been passionately kissed, I’ve been romantic for and with someone, I’ve been on adventures I’ve laughed and cried with my soulmate, and some people never experience this, and I feel for them, I’m glad in ways they haven’t felt my pain but the love even for how ever long or short it is it’s incredible, I even crave it some days, to be able to look and think “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you” or even thinking what our children would look like!, it’s crazy and no wonder it drives some humans INSANE!, love will come to you all, enjoy your life as it is and eventually embrace a loved one in your life!!! :).

Last one is QUE SERA.
What will be will be as my brother says, some people are in your life for a REASON, some only a SEASON, appreciate both whilst they’re in your life and let time guide you on your journey,

It’s not about the destination it’s about the JOURNEY.

Enjoy your ride and be safe, love will set you free.

Thank you SCARLETT for making me laugh when I didn’t feel like smiling!, and for all the hard and great lessons I’ve learned over the years with and without you.

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Love Always,
Your Friend,

G.S 🌹