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So recently i have just come back from holiday in Spain and as holidays do they help you reflect on everything and its made me realise that as a 25 year old single male who’s working a normal Monday – Friday 08:30/5:00pm job that there is so much of my life that i am frustrated about.

I’m frustrated because i feel stuck in a job that i HATE to pay rent for a house thats not mine, to not really have many true friends, no girlfriend, stuck in a small town with small town mentality and i know that myself and others around me are BIGGER and BETTER than this, and this got me thinking about everything and even you fellow bloggers out there…..

Am i normal for feeling like this and thinking like this? is it bad that i want MORE from life that i am getting? because IF i could (not saying i would) but if i could i would pack my stuff and head for the city/London and just pursuit my dreams of doing music and being in the music industry…Now some of you will say “Well why don’t you just do it?” and thats a great question but I’m always told that we need to make sure we are set here first and i agree but i feel like I’m going to burst sometimes and do something irrational (like i keep dreaming about walking out of my job and giving them a swift and polite F YOU out of the door).

So as i write this, i would love to hear your advice and if any of you have made the big jump and moved somewhere different or far away? or what your thoughts on it are? and if you are reading this feeling the same i ENCOURAGE you to be confident and brave, to not accept leading a normal life and be GREAT, be BOLD and DIFFERENT!, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT A JOB PURELY FOR THE MONEY YOU MUST LIKE THE JOB!!!!!, You MUST be around people who want you to win and do well!, You must really tune into your surroundings and ask yourself uncomfortable questions sometimes.., See  i want to leave a positive mark on the world and be positive, bring happiness to others and really make a difference and live COMFORTABLY, i want to build something i am proud of and pass on what I’ve learnt and all the mistakes I’ve made that i wish my parents and loved ones would have told me to be careful of etc, But i want you to feel inspired and encouraged by this….i want you to really look deep inside yourself and find your purpose and passion.

Find something you love and that you’re passionate about, find a way to make it into a CAREER for you, take photos, write poems and music, film that video or youtube channel you’ve always wanted, start a fashion line, write a blog, build a business, join that dance class, do that marathon, don’t discourage ANYONE, Be the reason someone wakes up and smiles on a morning, give someone a hug who needs one, tell someone their great, create the life YOU want to live, be the best at whatever it is you love to do. I believe in you and i know we all have greatness within us and i don’t want ANYONE older, younger or the same age to feel the way i feel because its shit and we ALL deserve GREATNESS.

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Just want to thank you to all my followers and friends of WordPress for making me stronger, for having the patience, the love, the comments all the views and the likes of my posts! I’m glad you enjoyed them! At 4000 and 5000 I’m going to do 2 posts that will be a little Q&A and Facts you want to know about me ! So start leaving your questions or things you want to know in the comments and Email me! …

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Hey guys! Hope you enjoy and if you like we may do another Q&A if you enjoy it 🙂 let me know by commenting!!

What do you want to be ?
In life? Just successful and happy!

If you could live anywhere , where would it be ?

Would love to live in america! I hope that If I never go there in my lifetime that when I pass away I will be reborn there haha!

What is the happiest memory from your childhood ?

Spending time with my brother!!! We did so much together and he’s my best friend

What is one secret (doesn’t have to be big) that you have never shared ?

I wanted to propose to Scarlett at Disneyland (her 1 favourite place in the world) at the castle they have there, it would have been my first trip there too.

If you could choose any one person in the world to spend a day with, who would it be ?

Dwayne The Rock Johnson or Craig David 🙂

What city do you live in?

I live in England but more north than London 😉

Do you own a big screen TV?

I do! It’s also same screen for my PC how cool am I hehe…I’m a geek you can say it!

Do you love to read?

I do! But I’ve stopped recently I love self help books and I just drop on certain books! Maybe I’ll do a post of my favourite books?

When did you start this blog?

Feb this year! Time flies

Who is your favorite blog of all time besides yourself on wordpress

I love……the ones I nominated on my AWARD POST! 🙂

what is the best, and the worst, piece of relationship advice you have ever received?

Best: lose the argument not the girl

Worst: It’s over you might as well give up and live your life now.

1. If you could enjoy a dinner with any five people who would they be?

Marilyn Monroe, the rock, Craig David, my grandad, my brother

2. what is your favourite place on earth?

A spot me and Scarlett used to go to! No one knows where it is

3. how did you become interested in writing?

I didn’t! My brother suggested me do it so thought may as well amaze you all with my typos and crazy thoughts!

4. would you rather Watch a Movie or Listen to Music?

With someone 😉 a movie
On my own music!

5. Pizza or Hamburgers?


Thank you for your amazing questions they were so fun!!! Until next time…

Keep smiling

Your Friend,

G.S 🌹


The Liebster Blog Award


Well this is going to take some time!  but id like to thank AnnStVincent for nominating me for it!, your blog is amazing so guys check it out!!!


Here are MY answers to your questions :).

  1. Why did you start your blog? I started it because my brother suggested doing one and seeing what i would be like writing posts etc, so i thought why the heck not!
  2. Does your Mom read your blog or know it even exists?  HELLLLLLLL NO….
  3. What one thing scares you, and why?   Knowing that one day i wont have many of the people i love around me and being scared of growing up on my own
  4. Do you have “one who got away”?  If so, who is it?    I have……Scarlett ….. as known in the previous posts!
  5. What is your most cherished childhood memory?   Spending time with my mother and brother mainly, he is my best friend and we have literally grown up together more than most brothers do thats why we are so close, weve been through hell and back together
  6. Are you doing what you thought you would do with your life?   Not really, i didnt really dream or plan anything when i was younger…..its kinda why my future is so unclear
  7. What motivates you?   All the things that have hurt me, the people walking out of my life and the ones who told me i couldnt.
  8. What’s #1 on your life “to-do” list?   It used to be have a family and get married romantically, now its to have as little regrets as possible.
  9. Do you have a talent that might surprise your readers?   i dont know if its a surprise? but im an Actor, Singer and Songwriter.
  10. What song makes you the happiest?  My whole playlist!
  11. And in honor of the man who nominated me: who is your favorite muppet, and why?   Kermit….because hes badass!

11 Random Things About Me:

  1. Most of my blog posts are SONG TITLES of my favourite songs or songs i deem relevant!
  2. I was almost professional at soccer/football
  3. I scratch my head in my sleep
  4. I have a twin.
  5. I once was in a choir
  6. People say im a chameleon and can blend in most social situations etc
  7. i never use the word bored to explain how im feeling!
  8. I once waited 3 hours for an ex girlfriend in the dating phase because she was late for our date
  9. Ive never been to a strip club
  10. I listen to music ALL THE TIME!!!!
  11. My favourite movie is the notebook!

Blogs I’m Nominating:

  1. Carissa’s World
  2. Amy Pinkrose
  3. missalyreid
  4. Disordered Self
  5. Midnight Eagle

My Questions for the Nominees:

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. If you could live 1 year back from the past what would you choose?
  3. Whats the best advice youve recieved?
  4. What would you tell your younger self if you could ?
  5. Favourite song?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  7. Whats are you talented at?
  8. How many times have you been in love?
  9. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  10. Describe GentlemanSparks in 5 words?
  11. How would you describe your personality?

For future Liebster Award recipients, here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)
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Okay ladies and gentlemen! so seeing as I am approaching milestones on my blog


I have decided to do a Q&A, so you can get to know me a little bit!

The rules are there are no rules EXCEPT, I do not get asked what or who my identity is, and you can ask upto 5 questions 🙂 and I will answer them all on a separate post!

Simply post your questions here and make it interesting!, please reblog this post so other people can get involved I’m expecting plenty of questions from my faithfuls and hopefully new followers also!

Take care, Keep Smiling and Fire Away!

Your Friend,

G.S 🌹


5 Characters (From Games, Films and Television) that…….

Okay, so we all have characters people say we are like or would love to be in real life so heres my top and why enjoy!

in NO particular order!


Known for his heroism, he also has mysteria about him and lives 2 different lives (rich man and vigilante) also seen differently by both friends and family of each realm as we can call it. Super cool, and who wouldn’t want to be kick ass?

2. JACK DAWSON (Titanic)


One that my ex (in future posts we will call her Scarlett) said would describe me, a poor kid trying to live and keep up with the rich life of the girl of his dreams, jack is a great kid who would go above and beyond for this lady. One of the all time great love stories and a great character which Leo Di Caprio plays amazingly, i’m honoured to be classed and seen as similar tendencies when it comes to love especially.

3. Nathan (One Tree Hill)


If you have ever seen One Tree Hill (I Recommend) then you’ll understand how amazing the show is. Another comparison by my ex (Scarlett) his relationship with Haley is how she imagined us to be and how i was with her and treated her in a lot of ways (mostly positive i think) he has a heart of gold and big dreams!

4. Aladdin 


Now if you have NEVER seen this movie or know who this character is i may judge you, another comparison similar to Jack Dawson (Titanic) the poor boy who is a thief (with a good heart and intentions) whose wanting to become a prince to impress the girl of his dreams, who becomes a prince and finds out she loves the real Aladdin (aw isn’t it sweet?) another great person at heart who I’ve always wanted to play as a character in a pantomime etc ever since i was a child! has to be on my top 5.

5. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)


One of the best games EVER created, the rich story line and game play is one of my all times loves as a child and as an adult! i can never get enough of the game and it should be in a “Things to do before you die” list in my opinion. Cloud has a troubled past, with memories mixed up from not knowing who he really was and replacing memories of that with another solider he has a love triangle (Tifa and Aeris/Aerith). He has a great heart, great spirit and dreams of one day becoming a real hero and to fight his arch enemy Sephiroth. He was another character that I’ve always wanted to be and he represents me in some ways with how he is as a person.

Who would yours be? and Why ? please comment and let me know if you’ve been compared to anyone!



Sparks Fly

Okay so i’m new, Don’t have a clue what i’m doing. There may be spelling mistakes but i want to talk about everything and anything, Life, Love and all the things that i love and appreciate in my life! hopefully there will be lots of you on this journey with me!

G.S 🌹

Send your questions  you can send anything from quick fire questions to questions you need help with about love breakups and all that jazz!