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So recently i have just come back from holiday in Spain and as holidays do they help you reflect on everything and its made me realise that as a 25 year old single male who’s working a normal Monday – Friday 08:30/5:00pm job that there is so much of my life that i am frustrated about.

I’m frustrated because i feel stuck in a job that i HATE to pay rent for a house thats not mine, to not really have many true friends, no girlfriend, stuck in a small town with small town mentality and i know that myself and others around me are BIGGER and BETTER than this, and this got me thinking about everything and even you fellow bloggers out there…..

Am i normal for feeling like this and thinking like this? is it bad that i want MORE from life that i am getting? because IF i could (not saying i would) but if i could i would pack my stuff and head for the city/London and just pursuit my dreams of doing music and being in the music industry…Now some of you will say “Well why don’t you just do it?” and thats a great question but I’m always told that we need to make sure we are set here first and i agree but i feel like I’m going to burst sometimes and do something irrational (like i keep dreaming about walking out of my job and giving them a swift and polite F YOU out of the door).

So as i write this, i would love to hear your advice and if any of you have made the big jump and moved somewhere different or far away? or what your thoughts on it are? and if you are reading this feeling the same i ENCOURAGE you to be confident and brave, to not accept leading a normal life and be GREAT, be BOLD and DIFFERENT!, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT A JOB PURELY FOR THE MONEY YOU MUST LIKE THE JOB!!!!!, You MUST be around people who want you to win and do well!, You must really tune into your surroundings and ask yourself uncomfortable questions sometimes.., See  i want to leave a positive mark on the world and be positive, bring happiness to others and really make a difference and live COMFORTABLY, i want to build something i am proud of and pass on what I’ve learnt and all the mistakes I’ve made that i wish my parents and loved ones would have told me to be careful of etc, But i want you to feel inspired and encouraged by this….i want you to really look deep inside yourself and find your purpose and passion.

Find something you love and that you’re passionate about, find a way to make it into a CAREER for you, take photos, write poems and music, film that video or youtube channel you’ve always wanted, start a fashion line, write a blog, build a business, join that dance class, do that marathon, don’t discourage ANYONE, Be the reason someone wakes up and smiles on a morning, give someone a hug who needs one, tell someone their great, create the life YOU want to live, be the best at whatever it is you love to do. I believe in you and i know we all have greatness within us and i don’t want ANYONE older, younger or the same age to feel the way i feel because its shit and we ALL deserve GREATNESS.

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Just want to thank you to all my followers and friends of WordPress for making me stronger, for having the patience, the love, the comments all the views and the likes of my posts! I’m glad you enjoyed them! At 4000 and 5000 I’m going to do 2 posts that will be a little Q&A and Facts you want to know about me ! So start leaving your questions or things you want to know in the comments and Email me! …

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The Liebster Blog Award


Well this is going to take some time!  but id like to thank AnnStVincent for nominating me for it!, your blog is amazing so guys check it out!!!


Here are MY answers to your questions :).

  1. Why did you start your blog? I started it because my brother suggested doing one and seeing what i would be like writing posts etc, so i thought why the heck not!
  2. Does your Mom read your blog or know it even exists?  HELLLLLLLL NO….
  3. What one thing scares you, and why?   Knowing that one day i wont have many of the people i love around me and being scared of growing up on my own
  4. Do you have “one who got away”?  If so, who is it?    I have……Scarlett ….. as known in the previous posts!
  5. What is your most cherished childhood memory?   Spending time with my mother and brother mainly, he is my best friend and we have literally grown up together more than most brothers do thats why we are so close, weve been through hell and back together
  6. Are you doing what you thought you would do with your life?   Not really, i didnt really dream or plan anything when i was younger…..its kinda why my future is so unclear
  7. What motivates you?   All the things that have hurt me, the people walking out of my life and the ones who told me i couldnt.
  8. What’s #1 on your life “to-do” list?   It used to be have a family and get married romantically, now its to have as little regrets as possible.
  9. Do you have a talent that might surprise your readers?   i dont know if its a surprise? but im an Actor, Singer and Songwriter.
  10. What song makes you the happiest?  My whole playlist!
  11. And in honor of the man who nominated me: who is your favorite muppet, and why?   Kermit….because hes badass!

11 Random Things About Me:

  1. Most of my blog posts are SONG TITLES of my favourite songs or songs i deem relevant!
  2. I was almost professional at soccer/football
  3. I scratch my head in my sleep
  4. I have a twin.
  5. I once was in a choir
  6. People say im a chameleon and can blend in most social situations etc
  7. i never use the word bored to explain how im feeling!
  8. I once waited 3 hours for an ex girlfriend in the dating phase because she was late for our date
  9. Ive never been to a strip club
  10. I listen to music ALL THE TIME!!!!
  11. My favourite movie is the notebook!

Blogs I’m Nominating:

  1. Carissa’s World
  2. Amy Pinkrose
  3. missalyreid
  4. Disordered Self
  5. Midnight Eagle

My Questions for the Nominees:

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. If you could live 1 year back from the past what would you choose?
  3. Whats the best advice youve recieved?
  4. What would you tell your younger self if you could ?
  5. Favourite song?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  7. Whats are you talented at?
  8. How many times have you been in love?
  9. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  10. Describe GentlemanSparks in 5 words?
  11. How would you describe your personality?

For future Liebster Award recipients, here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
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Ah good memories!….., this Is dedicated to someone who searched for kissing advice on my blog but seeing as I haven’t posted about it I’ve decided to and share my experiences!

Do you remember the first time you kissed?, nervous, worried you’d be bad at it, thinking and thinking about it before even going in for the kill! Well here’s a few pointers that I’ve found helpful and I’ll share a few stories too! (also if you get to the end of the blog there’s a YouTube video with the best MOVIE KISSES!)


I remember it so clearly!, I was outside a pub I used to go to when I was 14/15 (classy right?), but I wasn’t intoxicated or anything stupid and I randomly went outside to make sure 2 ladies got their taxi home, who were my friends (one was an ex I went out with for 3 weeks in high school) and the girl who was my ex kissed my cheek, I was shocked and she didn’t know why, I told her I’d never had anyone kiss me before (I meant on the cheek) and she asked me if I wanted a real one, by the time I could think, there we was kissing, like every girl does she told me I was a good kisser (and I do take pride in thinking I am) and it was amazing, I never felt so happy and you have all them silly emotions for that short period of time and then when it’s happened you feel calm and relaxed, it’s a great feeling.

Kissing My First Love

Now I’ve had 2 loves in my life one who’s name I’ve not mentioned before who I LOVED (she was my first love and first intimate partner) and there’s My TRUE LOVE (Scarlett)

When you kiss someone who isn’t just your girlfriend, but your life partner in your head, the intimacy the fireworks, the kisses that make you feel like you’re going to faint the passionate kisses, the kisses before during and after making love they’re all special and unique, and I’m blessed that I’ve had all these kinda of kisses from a few amazing ladies and one in perticular, and I’m mentioning them all because I’ve not had what I think is a “bad kiss”, no overly wet lips, no seriously aggressive biting no teeth knocking, not too much tongue (okay I’ll stop now) but you get my drift, my memories are of kisses I will take to my grave with me!

So if it’s your first kiss or you’re kissing the love of your life, do is as if it’s the last kiss you’ll ever do on the planet!, do it like they do on the movies when they’re so madly in love and they miss one another or they’re never going to see each other again! Put your hand on her face, pull her in by the waist and kiss her like your life depends on it!!! BE PASSIONATE!! I remember the last kiss I ever gave someone, it was Scarlett and I kissed her that passionately she used to have her eyes closed AFTER THE KISS for god knows how many seconds, she used to smile and taste her lips and say I wish you didn’t kiss me like that because she knew that time was running thin between us both. I do miss those times and kisses!

So for those who are seeking advice, be passionate, don’t be afraid to study how people kiss on movies etc and when your time comes be confident and don’t worry ENJOY THE MOMENT, it’s a beautiful and powerful thing.

If you like what you read or want to share any kissing stories be it your first last or any other memory leave a comment and be sure to click like!

Your Friend

G.S 🌹😘





Hey ladies and gentleman! I have now JOINED TWITTER

So that I can interact with you all and connect with you on there, answer your questions, keep the conversations going and keep in touch with all you beautiful people out there that follow me on here! So please join me also on there too

@GentlemanSparks , say hello, show some love and I follow EVERYONE BACK!,

Be inspired, be creative and I look forward to talking to some of you on there!

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A Kiss From A Rose (Advice For Ladies)

his post is going out and dedicated to all of the beautiful ladies who follow and comment and like my posts, i know some of you are independent and can hold your own but i wanted to kinda guide you into maybe little ways of finding your gentleman, finding happiness and improving your life in the ways we all should!


Youll probably read this and think what the hell is he talking about but im talking about the amount of guys who see you ladies OBJECTIVELY!!, Only looking at your lady lumps when youre talking or walking across the room! you all deserve a guy who VALUES you as a lady and as a human being a guy who is going to listen to you, buy you things to make you better when you arent feeling well, whose going to spend actual quality time with you, not just who is there for just sex and to leave you in a crying mess when he moves onto your best mate (not all guys do this and i know some ladies just dont mind having just sex with guys, i respect that) but ask yourself if you really know whos WORTH having you, physically, spiritually and mentally! It matters!, I wouldn’t let my sister or my daughter (if I had one) date someone who’s a complete douche.

2. Laughing Matters

Find somebody who will make you laugh when you don’t even feel like smiling, I know we all look for someone who’s beaming with attractiveness on the outside but what’s on the inside, the heart and mind are what intertwine you as people and that can last the test of time :).

3. Lower Standards

I don’t want you reading this and taking it so personally but a lot have too much of a check lists, some of the best people are diamonds in the rough and they’re the best kind, I don’t want perfect, I want my kind of perfect and imperfections are totally fine with me :), so they should be with you too! :), give people a chance, get to know them before you make a move, but also be cautious not to invest time in someone who doesn’t deserve your time.

4. Be Yourself!

Being yourself is perfect because your beautiful qualities will shine through and don’t worry, some things you find unattractive about yourself WILL APPEAL TO MEN!!!! I find the cute and quirky things about someone’s traits and personality what makes you ladies so unique!!!



Enough said you will end up getting hurt or messing around someone who you might grow to like, if a guy likes you make him do the work! Make him make the effort with you.

6. Back To Basics

My last bit of advice is go back to basics in the respect of dating, courting, waiting and giving your potential partner or date or whatever title you want to call them time, dress classy and sexy and give it your best, it’s hard finding someone who’s a potential life partner due to so many things I will post about but maybe and hopefully this post might help some of you out there

Want any advice? Checkout my EMAIL ADDRESS on my header ( an ill answer your questions or maybe I’ll do a Q&A post!, please like and reblog this post if you enjoyed it! Or leave me a comment if you agree or disagree

Your friend,

Life Lessons....

Life at 100!

e all have had those darkest of days, from no food to no money, needing new clothes or losing your car and even job (or a loved one family, friend, lover) but ive learnt especially over the past few days is how life really MATTERS, every second matters, every part of your day, to your walk, your smile, your conversations with people and how you react to the days darkness and bad news, YOU  control your life, your wants and desires and your destiny, it is YOUR responsibility to fulfill it. The world owes you NOTHING, in this life it is great to be unique and original, free in your own heart and mind of who you are supposed to be, and i truly believe we all should try harder at living life to its full potential! (especially me).

Dare to dream and make plans, go travel the world because there’s so many beautiful places and people out there that you’d never imagined seeing or meeting, so go out there and get it, what are you waiting for?…. TOMORROW? what if you’re not guaranteed tomorrow?… tell me what would you do? who would you visit and spend time with and thank? just take a moment to realise that you are not this young again, you wont get a second chance in many things and now is the time to do all you dared to dream of. If you’re unhappy with your job CHANGE IT! be brave out there in the big world and go find HAPPINESS!!! its not something we possess but its something we pursuit!, its something we feel and breathe! we ALL deserve our chunk of happiness no matter what makes us happy!

I want to make people believe in things again and in life, you get thrown some horrible curve balls and horrific things and your body mind and soul go through hell and back but it makes you stronger, it makes you wiser and it makes you better!

be kind, smile at strangers, offer advice, LISTEN and help one another!, there’s no greater feeling.

Tell me followers and friends what makes YOU happy? and what inspires YOU?

Comment below and let me know.

Dare to dream, believe and love yourself, be kind and find happiness.

Your Friend,