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Things That I LOVE About Women…


So this is MY list of things that i love about women, a collection from things that i love (obviously) and things from my relationship with  Scarlett aswell and i felt that i should write something like this so you all know how amazing women you are and that there are men who appreciate and love all these things (no matter how big or small they seem!)

I hope i inspire people to write their own lists…. if you do please let me know and if you like what I’ve written please like and even reblog it! i hope to reach as many people as i can. So here goes…

I Love…

  • The way you smile when someone tells you you’re beautiful (even though for some CRAZY reason you don’t believe them)
  • Your hair
  • How it sometimes takes you forever to get ready (i actually used to enjoy watching my ex get ready)
  • How when you leave the house i find 295372719495 hair clips all over the house
  • Your Eyes!!!!
  • Your smile
  • How proud/the face you made when i was playing soccer/football (because you knew how good i was and how much i tried when you was there)
  • How much you laughed when i nearly made your whole family throw up playing sports with them because of how quietly competitive i was
  • The way you told me that i will be a great man and a great husband and father one day
  • How all the doubts about life you took away with just one look
  • How amazing you were/are around children
  • How your hands are always warmer than mine
  • The way you get excited on a date night
  • Your smell/perfume
  • How much family matters to you
  • How much you listen and pay attention to something even if you don’t really like it or care about it (like my favourite sports or music etc)
  • How you enjoy your food and get me trying more foods!
  • Your sense of humour
  • Your strong and warm heart
  • How beautiful you are with no makeup
  • How affectionate and how close you like being
  • The way you smile after we kiss
  • The way you nag (in a good way) when i need to do something important like go to the doctors etc
  • How you share your life with me and appreciate the life i share with you
  • How you talk in your sleep
  • Your sneeze (yes i said that!)
  • When you bite your lip
  • When your hair is in a ponytail or pigtails
  • When you wear my clothes
  • How you put others before you
  • How cute you can be when you’re jealous (see the next point!!)
  • How you would kiss me after reassuring you that i only had eyes for you
  • How AMAZING you look in a dress
  • Spooning!! Big spoon or little i don’t care 😛
  • The look on your face when i would surprise you at work
  • The way you say “I Love You
  • The face you make when i tell you that “I Love You
  • Your hugs and kisses
  • Your body
  • How you lay on my chest and wrap your leg around me
  • How you react when i tickle your back
  • How goofy and funny you can be
  • All the TV shows you love (Friends, One Tree Hill Etc)
  • Your sweet tooth and how much you loved me bringing you chocolate!
  • All the songs we share!
  • All the times we’ve laughed and cried together
  • How you buy us men something (even if its big or small) just to let us know that you’re thinking of us and care
  • When you play video games with us
  • How you make life exciting when you’re around
  • How you have 132434657434548 Dresses/Clothes/Shoes but still cant decide what to wear 😛
  • The way you’d sit on my knee
  • When you’d fall asleep on me in the cinema
  • The way you hold my hand
  • When you rest your head on my shoulder
  • When you know how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking even when i try to hide it (wether it be because I’m feeling down or sad etc)
  • How you make me want to do everything better
  • How you make me a better man
  • Having really vulnerable and intimate conversations about life and love and thoughts and feelings etc
  • The way you look when you run
  • Your sense of style and the clothes you wear
  • How you love to shop for me and pick out clothes and stuff for me
  • Kisses in the rain!
  • Always being by my side at social gatherings and sitting with me when I’m somewhere i find really awkward (like your rich auntie and uncles massive family party)
  • All the amazing and sweet text messages and phone calls throughout the day
  • The neck/collarbone area!
  • Your ears and how cute and small they are
  • How soft your skin is
  • When you’ve just come out of the shower and you’re wearing a towel
  • When you laugh at my jokes when they’re not funny
  • Flirting, how it can go from 0-100 real quick
  • Eye contact from far away and the smile that you make when you’re happy to see me
  • Your sexy phone voice
  • How you ALWAYS used to play with your belly button
  • How you used to have SO MANY different smiles, like smiles when you were thinking of something that made you happy or the smile you used to do when only looking at me, the fake smile when you were sad but wanted to hide it, i could list more!
  • How you always used to say you were cold so you could take one of my jackets or jumpers and i would never get it back 😛
  • All the car trips and laughs in the car singing to our favourite songs
  • All your cute hidden talents
  • How unintentionally and intentionally sexy you are
  • How you look in your underwear
  • How much you love kisses on your neck and collarbone
  • How you would get excited talking about the future (usually about having a nice cottage somewhere and being married with a mini me running around the house!)
  • How EVERYTHING made you emotional or how you found everything cute
  • Our favourite spot/hiding place
  • How much you loved that i could tell when we were texting when you was tired (literally freaked her out haha)

I’m sure I’ve missed so many more things out aswell but i feel that most men don’t appreciate or show appreciation for the little things that makes you YOU, and you may have been burnt or hurt in the past or scared to love again but never give up, just because you had 1 bad experience (or a few sometimes), i do believe there is someone out there for everyone but you have to keep being yourself, stay classy, keep your standards high and there will be guys who will be willing to walk 1000 miles for you.

Your Friend Always,

GS xo


A Kiss From A Rose (Advice For Ladies)

his post is going out and dedicated to all of the beautiful ladies who follow and comment and like my posts, i know some of you are independent and can hold your own but i wanted to kinda guide you into maybe little ways of finding your gentleman, finding happiness and improving your life in the ways we all should!


Youll probably read this and think what the hell is he talking about but im talking about the amount of guys who see you ladies OBJECTIVELY!!, Only looking at your lady lumps when youre talking or walking across the room! you all deserve a guy who VALUES you as a lady and as a human being a guy who is going to listen to you, buy you things to make you better when you arent feeling well, whose going to spend actual quality time with you, not just who is there for just sex and to leave you in a crying mess when he moves onto your best mate (not all guys do this and i know some ladies just dont mind having just sex with guys, i respect that) but ask yourself if you really know whos WORTH having you, physically, spiritually and mentally! It matters!, I wouldn’t let my sister or my daughter (if I had one) date someone who’s a complete douche.

2. Laughing Matters

Find somebody who will make you laugh when you don’t even feel like smiling, I know we all look for someone who’s beaming with attractiveness on the outside but what’s on the inside, the heart and mind are what intertwine you as people and that can last the test of time :).

3. Lower Standards

I don’t want you reading this and taking it so personally but a lot have too much of a check lists, some of the best people are diamonds in the rough and they’re the best kind, I don’t want perfect, I want my kind of perfect and imperfections are totally fine with me :), so they should be with you too! :), give people a chance, get to know them before you make a move, but also be cautious not to invest time in someone who doesn’t deserve your time.

4. Be Yourself!

Being yourself is perfect because your beautiful qualities will shine through and don’t worry, some things you find unattractive about yourself WILL APPEAL TO MEN!!!! I find the cute and quirky things about someone’s traits and personality what makes you ladies so unique!!!



Enough said you will end up getting hurt or messing around someone who you might grow to like, if a guy likes you make him do the work! Make him make the effort with you.

6. Back To Basics

My last bit of advice is go back to basics in the respect of dating, courting, waiting and giving your potential partner or date or whatever title you want to call them time, dress classy and sexy and give it your best, it’s hard finding someone who’s a potential life partner due to so many things I will post about but maybe and hopefully this post might help some of you out there

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Your friend,