Life Lessons....

I just need a minute of your time…


So recently i have just come back from holiday in Spain and as holidays do they help you reflect on everything and its made me realise that as a 25 year old single male who’s working a normal Monday – Friday 08:30/5:00pm job that there is so much of my life that i am frustrated about.

I’m frustrated because i feel stuck in a job that i HATE to pay rent for a house thats not mine, to not really have many true friends, no girlfriend, stuck in a small town with small town mentality and i know that myself and others around me are BIGGER and BETTER than this, and this got me thinking about everything and even you fellow bloggers out there…..

Am i normal for feeling like this and thinking like this? is it bad that i want MORE from life that i am getting? because IF i could (not saying i would) but if i could i would pack my stuff and head for the city/London and just pursuit my dreams of doing music and being in the music industry…Now some of you will say “Well why don’t you just do it?” and thats a great question but I’m always told that we need to make sure we are set here first and i agree but i feel like I’m going to burst sometimes and do something irrational (like i keep dreaming about walking out of my job and giving them a swift and polite F YOU out of the door).

So as i write this, i would love to hear your advice and if any of you have made the big jump and moved somewhere different or far away? or what your thoughts on it are? and if you are reading this feeling the same i ENCOURAGE you to be confident and brave, to not accept leading a normal life and be GREAT, be BOLD and DIFFERENT!, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT A JOB PURELY FOR THE MONEY YOU MUST LIKE THE JOB!!!!!, You MUST be around people who want you to win and do well!, You must really tune into your surroundings and ask yourself uncomfortable questions sometimes.., See  i want to leave a positive mark on the world and be positive, bring happiness to others and really make a difference and live COMFORTABLY, i want to build something i am proud of and pass on what I’ve learnt and all the mistakes I’ve made that i wish my parents and loved ones would have told me to be careful of etc, But i want you to feel inspired and encouraged by this….i want you to really look deep inside yourself and find your purpose and passion.

Find something you love and that you’re passionate about, find a way to make it into a CAREER for you, take photos, write poems and music, film that video or youtube channel you’ve always wanted, start a fashion line, write a blog, build a business, join that dance class, do that marathon, don’t discourage ANYONE, Be the reason someone wakes up and smiles on a morning, give someone a hug who needs one, tell someone their great, create the life YOU want to live, be the best at whatever it is you love to do. I believe in you and i know we all have greatness within us and i don’t want ANYONE older, younger or the same age to feel the way i feel because its shit and we ALL deserve GREATNESS.

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Your Friend Always,

GS xo


Days go by…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything up, and to be honest I used my blog as a way of venting, and I knew I wouldn’t be judged and that we all have our stories, and I know most people would think I’m mad if they knew that this existed, but I needed this blog and it’s crazy how writing helps you let go and set free demons, wether it’s poetry, storytelling, songwriting, blogging I think we all need that vent or that somewhere or someone to confide in. You guys know how rough my road has been and I’ve only shared a very small part but I’ve been thinking today about my life

Where I am in my life, where I want to be, wanting to find love again, finding a stable career, building a future that someone can enjoy with me, I feel like we should all have that infectious addictive, gut and heart wrenching love , I believe it warms up our soul and truly ignites something inside ourselves.

I want to travel the world and see everything that’s out there, I want to provide for my mum and look after those whose looked after me, I just felt inspired from watching something today to use my blog and my voice as a positive tool for the world.

You can’t just sail through life, you have to control it, if there’s someone you like tell them!!! Stop waiting for the perfect moment because there’s never a perfect moment!, hug that someone in your life and appreciate what you have.
Make someone smile today.

Don’t let the days go by…
Your Friend,
GS x

Life Lessons....

What Life Is About…

I’ve been working at my new place for nearly a month and I start back in a few hours and dya know what? I’m already dreading it, ill be honest with you I’ve realised alot over the past couple of weeks and I’ve really reflected and discovered what’s important to me, so I’m gonna be bold and brutally honest and I hope you all can relate or benefit from hearing what life is about in my eyes.

Do NOT sacrifice your happiness and what you love for MONEY, I don’t give a shit what excuses you may tell yourself but you cannot replace TIME, time as in with your partner, your loved ones, your family, your friends.

Stay in bed with your lover a little longer, cherish the small things in life, focus on a career that makes you fire up your belly with excitement, be with someone who creates fireworks in your eyes and heart, save your money work towards your goals and BE HAPPY.


Take a fucking risk!!!, it’s a massive risk me taking this job and I HATE working Monday to Friday, but I need the money and in a year or 2 guess what, I’m gunna take another risk and quit my job and go towards my goal and dreams.

Take risks in love!, be bold!! Go tell that girl or guy you like them, stop waiting for the right time because there’s NEVER a right time!, look ill never get Scarlett back and for us who have loved so truly and deeply and it’s been longer than a few months can’t just one day go “hey Scarlett guess what? Should have fought for you and I’m still in love with you etc”, I wish I had the answers, I wish I knew where this road has and will take me!

Quit that shitty job and go find something and someone who makes YOU happy! fuck everyone else, your friends and your family because only YOU know what’s right for YOUR life!

I want you all to do me a favour, I want you to write a list of 5 things you want to do this year that are BOLD decisions wether it’s a holiday or quitting your job, finding love/dating again, whatever it is go do it NOW


FIND YOUR PASSION, what comes effortless to you? What do you TRULY love? What do you enjoy?, find something that makes you look forward to waking up, take a chance, believe in yourself and support those around you!

This year can be whatever you want it to be, make it a happy and abundant one…for YOUR sakes, you are the one who’s suffering, I’ve loved and I’ve lost, I’ve tortured myself for days months and years and I tell you the biggest pain is regret, don’t have regrets!

I know it seems easier said than done but the first step is always the hardest!

Be kind to someone today, give them your hand, give someone a hug or an ear who needs it!

We are all going through some shit that we know NOTHING about! So be a little kinder today.

It’s important and can make the world and even more beautiful place than it already can be.

I love you all and please reblog, like, tag whoever needs to read this!

I hate that people go through life with no sense of direction or no balls to make a change! It’s all upto you. You are great and powerful beyond your wildest dreams!!!!!

Dream big. Smile lots and take risks. Fall in love, feel every emotion.

I believe in you.

Love always,

GS x





New Years Resolutions…


Well it’s that time of the year where you reflect and look back on the last 12 months that have made 2014 what it is…and I must say what another rollercoaster of a year for me, from depression to blogging to changing jobs, writing more songs, radio play worldwide, TV roles etc Ive done it all this year!

And there’s been alot I realise I need to change and focus on in the following days and the rest of 2015

But I urge you to love more, live more and create more, do wonderful and powerful things with your life, don’t settle for that shitty job that makes you dread your alarm clock or the sun rise, get out of bed and do what makes you happy!!! It’s so important to understand the value of life!

I just want you all to have a fantastic new year and I’m determined to use my blog and WordPress in a more positive and relevant manner, please post and comment and use my email to contact me if you want to ask me questions or have me talk about a specific subject! Ill happily talk about anything!

Enjoy the end of 2014 and I hope you all start 2015 with a bang!

Love always,

GS x


Birthday Soon….


Okay 🙂 so it’s going to be my birthday soon…

I can’t wait and I am going away to Scotland and then Europe soon but when I get back I may do a Q&A or facts about me as a person

If you like the idea please click like and send me some questions Or something 🙂 ill happily answer them! Make them interesting!!!!! What do you want to know about me?

Keep smiling

Your friend,

G.S x


Today,Tomorrow, Forever


I use this picture as an example, I don’t care if you’re a male or a female reading this, but this is how you want your partner to look at you.

When your with him and her and wether you can see it, this is true love it’s weird how I observe my friends relationships and situations and I can read wether they’re settling, made, “perfect” for each other, happy, sad no matter what they say and do.

The problem is I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m honest, I’m so old school and old fashioned that I honestly know that I don’t know how I will now meet someone in the future, because I won’t find someone who will love me and have the same morals and values as me, and do you know what frustrates me and worries me? Is all these couples who when they’re partners aren’t around are commenting on how “fit” and “hot” someone ELSE is! Or acting like they’re single when they’re away from their partners…

Sure have a good time with your friends etc but I just cannot understand it, everytime I’ve been with a woman I’ve been married IN MY MIND, because I want to be THAT loyal, I don’t want or stare at another female, sure I’d speak and be polite etc but I wouldn’t flirt or be THAT GUY who’s always commenting on other women, especially behind my woman’s back.

Plus there’s the fact that I’m still not financially secure and that I don’t feel comfortable with my current job, my music and acting career is going well but not enough to bump into old friends Etc and for me to feel like I’ve moved forward much.

It’s been 2 years and counting I think since I saw and heard anything from Scarlett, still feels weird, still feels like I’ve been stung badly it still gets to me in moments but it has and is lessened.

I sometimes see family’s and couples and I really wanted all that, I wanted to be a father and have a child and have my own home and now that dream post Scarlett has just completely left my mind.

I would love to date again and see who’s out there but I just couldn’t go back to the beginning and start all over, I’ve been talking to girls and women I tried tinder I went our more but somewhere in me just doesn’t feel right with it.

I do feel stupid for it, but maybe I need that moment where I see Scarlett or her with another guy to really hit me in the gut, I need to get back into the gym regular and keep up with my football(soccer to American friends) and just keep pushing towards a better life.

I’m writing this because I know that there’s love out there for everyone and there’s chances everyday, but you have to be careful, there’s thorns dressed as roses and that’s what’s worrying, but I guess we can’t live in fear right?

Keep smiling, stay positive and who knows what will happen in this thing we called life.

I believe everything happens for a reason, fate is a crazy thing sometimes

Love always,

G.S 🌹


If you just Smile…….


I was blessed to have received a wonderful email from a follower today and it really helped and made my day and it inspired me to do the theme of this post and that will be “Smile

Smile because its infectious, we can pass our smiles on through our warm hearts and smiling can make alot of bad things seem okay, we sometimes smile even when we are broken and torn, but it shows bravery and strength.


And today my reason is you guys, and my close circle of followers who I consider friends (you all know who you are), also my new followers who are wanting to get to know me and who comment and like my posts and enjoy them for what they are, I was going to quit posting after I “recovered” from Scarlett but I want to carry it on because I’d miss you all.

Today smile because of what you have in your life, smile because of the qualities you possess in your personalities an your beautiful features! For your hidden talents and your best kept secrets

Be proud of who you are, send someone a smile, show them that you care because I care, I care about you all!

You’ll see that life is still worthwhile….if you just smile

Your Friend,

G.S x

Smile 🙂 <—- Click the link to hear the Song