What my crappy jobs taught me…


There comes a time in your life where you have to do something you don’t want to do, it can be and come in many ways and forms and mine is certainly my job. Answering the phone making calls taking payments receiving very unpleasant comments about my service when I’m just doing my job is daunting, frustrating, tiring and depressing. I’ve even thought about quitting and I’ve been here since the start or December.

I thought it was going to be an adventure I thought the job would have had training, support from colleagues, a room for development and growth and all it’s been is a push into the deep end and guess what?!? I CAN’T SWIM…. Or at least I thought I couldn’t….

We have all had shit jobs, we’ve had shit uniforms and low pay and low wages (this i still have) but there are actual things you can learn from rubbish jobs! And here’s mine…..

1. Retail – Being nice to people you HATE

Serving ungrateful and ignorant customers or seeing people you don’t like when you’re in a rubbish uniform and you’re exposed walking around on a shop floor teaches you a couple of things. That this job isn’t FOREVER, it’s a stepping stone and a test in the water for your next job. Just have faith and patience and save a little bit of money every wage, enjoy the people you work with and be greatful that people are desperately looking for a job. Working in retail taught me that unpredictability is actually a good thing, doing crazy shifts like 6-12 12-10 8-5 different days and doing overtime is actually a good thing because the shifts pass quicker I believe. I learnt that managers are horrible to you because they’re power hungry and that if you ever work your way to the top of the ladder sometimes you gotta give your colleagues a break. Some are going through hell and back out of work so stop worrying for 1 second if the shelf is empty or tidy and concentrate on building better rapport and morale In your workplace.

2. Office Job

Working 8:30-5PM is not fun, its actually horrible, i sit there and i just think minute by minute my youth is disappearing and i regret the freedom and the time i had from my shitty retail job gave me i should have been more productive and its no excuse but having depression and not wanting to even move let alone do anything productive didn’t help. This job has given me more money, to buy a mac, to pay for singing lessons, to save up and I’ve learnt to be more organised and more switched on day by day. I realised i became a bit of a zombie in my retail job, this job i do now is quite hard and frustrating and one thing that you could easily forget to mess up an engineers day. My boss treats me and everyone with respect, the atmosphere is relaxed, theres room for mistakes and growth, i dress well, my phone manner and everything has improved. I can understand why people stay in these kind of jobs but at the same time i just don’t get it, i am all for working but i believe in finding a passion, waking up everyday and not feeling like work, the big slump out of bed to turn alarm off and desperately grabbing an extra few mins because you had a late night worrying about your job and who needs calling first thing or what your boss will say. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Im literally doing this job to save up and travel and put towards my music, a year of this struggle might help me have a few years of LIFE of adventure and happiness.

Don’t settle. Dream big. Love and Laugh.
Your Friend,

GS x

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Holiday Blues… 


Well I’ve just returned from my holiday in a country in Europe and I’m very fortunate that my father owns an apartment there and the flights are cheap so I can travel there!, but spending 8 days there has been one hell of a holiday. 

From playing volleyball at 1am on the beach to long walks, drinks, meeting new people, singing in front of people to exploring new places, these 8 days have been so interesting and fun and now I’m back home, back to the small town mentality, back to the 9-5 KPI, target watching job that’s easy but unfulfilling.

This holiday has made me realise that you need to build a life so good that you don’t need to take a vacation from, or build a life at home that’s so good that when you are on vacation and you return that you aren’t dreading going back, instead you come back with a sense of purpose and ready to take on the world! 

Also I realised that being single for so long kinda made me wish I had someone to share the experience with and how I do miss being with someone but I know that you can’t rush love, you can’t rush things and meeting people. Everything takes time 🙂 

Go travel, see the world, see what’s out there, be brave and be bold, don’t be normal, normal sucks. Change your routine, change your mind and change your life. I’m still on the road to self discovery, to self fulfilment and towards my dream also. 

Just wanted to post and check in with you guys! 

Your Friend,

Gs x


Days go by…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything up, and to be honest I used my blog as a way of venting, and I knew I wouldn’t be judged and that we all have our stories, and I know most people would think I’m mad if they knew that this existed, but I needed this blog and it’s crazy how writing helps you let go and set free demons, wether it’s poetry, storytelling, songwriting, blogging I think we all need that vent or that somewhere or someone to confide in. You guys know how rough my road has been and I’ve only shared a very small part but I’ve been thinking today about my life

Where I am in my life, where I want to be, wanting to find love again, finding a stable career, building a future that someone can enjoy with me, I feel like we should all have that infectious addictive, gut and heart wrenching love , I believe it warms up our soul and truly ignites something inside ourselves.

I want to travel the world and see everything that’s out there, I want to provide for my mum and look after those whose looked after me, I just felt inspired from watching something today to use my blog and my voice as a positive tool for the world.

You can’t just sail through life, you have to control it, if there’s someone you like tell them!!! Stop waiting for the perfect moment because there’s never a perfect moment!, hug that someone in your life and appreciate what you have.
Make someone smile today.

Don’t let the days go by…
Your Friend,
GS x

Life Lessons....

Lifes a gamble…


So it’s the weekend and after my shitty week I was invited round to my friends for a game of poker. Isn’t it crazy what playing poker has actually taught me about life?….let me explain

You see I was really reserved with my hands that I’d been dealt and it kept me afloat for a short while until chip after chip I started to run out and eventually I was down to 1 more big bet. I decided to go all in and see how much my friends would buy it to get me out of the game and luckily the Lady Luck was in my favour! I’d gone from having a few chips to having another great stack and a chance of gaining more chips from the guys who had just lost to me.

Coming from a guy who has played poker less times than I can count on my fingers I was in a good position to win, then as the night went on and the drinks were flowing one of the guys out of nowhere and sat next to me had everyone’s chips and had won the money we bet. Pure beginners luck and dealt a hefty amount of great hands.

My story is that when the chips are down(pun intended) you HAVE to keep going, keep pushing and believe that you may not have the most amount of chips or resources or money but you’re not OUT OF THE GAME!, all you need sometimes is abit of hard work, determination and also Lady Luck!

We all get dealt bad hands, hell I have from losing Scarlett to mum and dad divorce to failing college twice (some my own fault/responsibility I know) but its how you come back from it. It’s what you do with NOW AND TODAY that counts. There’s no better time than the present. So count your chips, check your cards and bet wisely!

Life is a gamble and sometimes it’s worth going all in, sometimes it’s worth holding onto your chips but as long as you’re in the game you have every good of a chance to win than the next person. It’s got to be someone so why not you?

Have a great weekend.

Your Friend,

GS x

Life Lessons....

What Life Is About…

I’ve been working at my new place for nearly a month and I start back in a few hours and dya know what? I’m already dreading it, ill be honest with you I’ve realised alot over the past couple of weeks and I’ve really reflected and discovered what’s important to me, so I’m gonna be bold and brutally honest and I hope you all can relate or benefit from hearing what life is about in my eyes.

Do NOT sacrifice your happiness and what you love for MONEY, I don’t give a shit what excuses you may tell yourself but you cannot replace TIME, time as in with your partner, your loved ones, your family, your friends.

Stay in bed with your lover a little longer, cherish the small things in life, focus on a career that makes you fire up your belly with excitement, be with someone who creates fireworks in your eyes and heart, save your money work towards your goals and BE HAPPY.


Take a fucking risk!!!, it’s a massive risk me taking this job and I HATE working Monday to Friday, but I need the money and in a year or 2 guess what, I’m gunna take another risk and quit my job and go towards my goal and dreams.

Take risks in love!, be bold!! Go tell that girl or guy you like them, stop waiting for the right time because there’s NEVER a right time!, look ill never get Scarlett back and for us who have loved so truly and deeply and it’s been longer than a few months can’t just one day go “hey Scarlett guess what? Should have fought for you and I’m still in love with you etc”, I wish I had the answers, I wish I knew where this road has and will take me!

Quit that shitty job and go find something and someone who makes YOU happy! fuck everyone else, your friends and your family because only YOU know what’s right for YOUR life!

I want you all to do me a favour, I want you to write a list of 5 things you want to do this year that are BOLD decisions wether it’s a holiday or quitting your job, finding love/dating again, whatever it is go do it NOW


FIND YOUR PASSION, what comes effortless to you? What do you TRULY love? What do you enjoy?, find something that makes you look forward to waking up, take a chance, believe in yourself and support those around you!

This year can be whatever you want it to be, make it a happy and abundant one…for YOUR sakes, you are the one who’s suffering, I’ve loved and I’ve lost, I’ve tortured myself for days months and years and I tell you the biggest pain is regret, don’t have regrets!

I know it seems easier said than done but the first step is always the hardest!

Be kind to someone today, give them your hand, give someone a hug or an ear who needs it!

We are all going through some shit that we know NOTHING about! So be a little kinder today.

It’s important and can make the world and even more beautiful place than it already can be.

I love you all and please reblog, like, tag whoever needs to read this!

I hate that people go through life with no sense of direction or no balls to make a change! It’s all upto you. You are great and powerful beyond your wildest dreams!!!!!

Dream big. Smile lots and take risks. Fall in love, feel every emotion.

I believe in you.

Love always,

GS x





Endless Love….

Go watch it guys… If you’ve ever been in love, if you’ve ever felt this with someone or have been in a similar situation is a wonderful journey and great acting!

I’m not gunna write an in depth review but I HAD to post about it!

Fantastic film and pulled on my heart strings! I can relate to the main characters and the story very well

Let me know if you’ve seen it or what you think Guys!

Love, Smile and be happy

Your Friend,

GS x