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I just need a minute of your time…


So recently i have just come back from holiday in Spain and as holidays do they help you reflect on everything and its made me realise that as a 25 year old single male who’s working a normal Monday – Friday 08:30/5:00pm job that there is so much of my life that i am frustrated about.

I’m frustrated because i feel stuck in a job that i HATE to pay rent for a house thats not mine, to not really have many true friends, no girlfriend, stuck in a small town with small town mentality and i know that myself and others around me are BIGGER and BETTER than this, and this got me thinking about everything and even you fellow bloggers out there…..

Am i normal for feeling like this and thinking like this? is it bad that i want MORE from life that i am getting? because IF i could (not saying i would) but if i could i would pack my stuff and head for the city/London and just pursuit my dreams of doing music and being in the music industry…Now some of you will say “Well why don’t you just do it?” and thats a great question but I’m always told that we need to make sure we are set here first and i agree but i feel like I’m going to burst sometimes and do something irrational (like i keep dreaming about walking out of my job and giving them a swift and polite F YOU out of the door).

So as i write this, i would love to hear your advice and if any of you have made the big jump and moved somewhere different or far away? or what your thoughts on it are? and if you are reading this feeling the same i ENCOURAGE you to be confident and brave, to not accept leading a normal life and be GREAT, be BOLD and DIFFERENT!, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT A JOB PURELY FOR THE MONEY YOU MUST LIKE THE JOB!!!!!, You MUST be around people who want you to win and do well!, You must really tune into your surroundings and ask yourself uncomfortable questions sometimes.., See  i want to leave a positive mark on the world and be positive, bring happiness to others and really make a difference and live COMFORTABLY, i want to build something i am proud of and pass on what I’ve learnt and all the mistakes I’ve made that i wish my parents and loved ones would have told me to be careful of etc, But i want you to feel inspired and encouraged by this….i want you to really look deep inside yourself and find your purpose and passion.

Find something you love and that you’re passionate about, find a way to make it into a CAREER for you, take photos, write poems and music, film that video or youtube channel you’ve always wanted, start a fashion line, write a blog, build a business, join that dance class, do that marathon, don’t discourage ANYONE, Be the reason someone wakes up and smiles on a morning, give someone a hug who needs one, tell someone their great, create the life YOU want to live, be the best at whatever it is you love to do. I believe in you and i know we all have greatness within us and i don’t want ANYONE older, younger or the same age to feel the way i feel because its shit and we ALL deserve GREATNESS.

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Your Friend Always,

GS xo


34 thoughts on “I just need a minute of your time…

  1. jenniphur says:

    Gentleman Sparks,

    Yes! Yes! And a million times, YES! I, too, felt stuck in a small town, with one of the best jobs in the region (it had health insurance and paid vacation time), one grocery store and mainly one season (winter). I felt like my dating options offered the same, the same, the same kind of man that I didn’t want to be with. So, I could stay there… or I could transfer to the big city within my company. A little over a year ago, I did that.

    I still have the same job, but in the city, I am never stuck. I have a zillion options. I have access to three grocery stores in walking distance, in the suburbs. I have a mecca of single men from which to choose, though I haven’t yet tried dating here. I know. I know. I’m just about ready to try it. I have variety, opportunities, and convenience.

    I haven’t even begun on the list of reasons to move that would benefit my son. I parent him full-time, so I had to consider how this change would affect him, too. The option of choosing from more than one school has made the move worth it!

    I encourage you to be BOLD. Do it for YOU! You deserve happiness.


    • Jennifer!!! Your comment has made my day 🙂 its comforting to know its not just myself feeling this way and that you did the brave and the bold and went out there and did it so GO YOU!!!! 🙂 i am definitely going to make the jump its just a matter of when and how etc!!!

      Please keep in touch and i look forward to going through your blog!

      Take care and I’m sending a big virtual hug 😀

      GS xox

  2. GS, I commend you for trying to make the world a better place and I thank you for your efforts. It’s true that human beings were not created to only work, pay bills, and die. But moving somewhere nicer or getting a better job or whatever isn’t going to give you true joy because it’s circumstantial. The only way to be truly happy and free is to come to God. Every human being that has ever lived and lives today has sinned. Every one of us disobeyed God’s law. We all lie, we all get angry, we all steal and cheat, even in the smallest ways. That makes us sinners. And sinners deserve to go to hell. That’s exactly why God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to come to our world and die for us on the cross. When he got nailed to that cross, all of our sins, every single human being’s sins who has lived before, during, and after Christ’s death, ALL those sins got pinned on Jesus, and when he died, he took those sins with him to the grave. When he rose again and came to life on the 3rd day, he proved that he has defeated sin once and for all. The is AMAZING news for us humans because now we can come to Jesus and ask his forgiveness for our sins and he has the power to forgive them! He can wash away the dirt and shame and guilt, refresh our souls and give us a new start! THAT is true joy and freedom and that is what I wish for you, my friend. Nothing else will give you as much joy, meaning, and purpose as much as this truth will. Please, if you have any questions, email me at And if you’d like, I wrote a poem called The Answer on my blog,, you can read it and it might help you understand a little better about what I’m talking about. And if you send me an email and I don’t reply, comment somewhere on my blog and I’ll definitely get back to you. (My email is full of junk, your email might accidentally get deleted). Wishing you many blessings!!!

  3. Funnily enough this is exactly how I feel eight now. Stuck.
    On one side I really want to go and irrationaly decide. On the other hand I am scared to do so, be on my own, scared of finding a job or what if it turns out not to be what I want. I am much more determined to go once I’m done with uni. The one reason i am staying I school is, because I do want to work as a nurse and I need that dioloma to do so. I want to try diffetent things, go into the animation. But in the long run, I probably will stick to nursing so that’s why. But I am scared I will change my mind again, and old daily life teally just sucks. I get you.
    I hope you find de courage and therefore the happiness you seek!

    • Hi there! First of all thank you for the comment and that you feel this way also, I urge you to choose which one you would do if money wasn’t involved, the job or the hobby that you could wake up and be excited to do and TURN that into a career and do whatever it takes. I hope you find the courage and the determination to change your situation and be positive and be strong, good and bad whatever happens it will all work out and I really hope that you can expand and push yourself to challenge your limits and go out there and try everything you can. Do the nursing an make time for animation or find ways to turn that into a consistent income. You can do it!!!!!!!

      • Money has never been the priority for my decisions, but it still needs to be something I can live on my own, right?.. I do have a plan in mind, in which I could combine these things all together. But I need to bite through another 2 years of school for that, and I am scared that until I’m finished, I will not have the courage again to leave. You know? I get used to situations so easily, that I might be scared of the consequences.
        Oh well, life will take its turns, so I hope you can choose your dreams as well!!

      • That’s right! And well if you can surpass these 2 years and make the most of them, make it as enjoyable as you can and keep telling yourself you are going to do it whatever it takes and no matter what and try your best not to settle. I just don’t want to live my life full of regrets and don’t be scared of any consequence and I am still actively pursuing my music career but not making enough money to quit my 9-5 just yet! Just a lot of hard work, frustrations and patience

  4. If you are 25 and have no dependents I would totally do it! You have your whole life ahead of you and no one to take care of but yourself so why not!? If I had my life to do over again I would totally do a lot of things differently but I have a family now so I must put them first not myself but you don’t have that responsibility – go for it!

    • Thank you!!! I really appreciate it, well a few years ago my parents divorced which has been difficult financially etc so the plan is to sort my mum out with a house and me and my brother venture out and move to London! You are absolutely right and I appreciate the encouragement and advice it’s much appreciated 🙂 x

  5. I don’t suppose you fancy ending up like me, do you? 53 years old and not a single dream come true simply out of fear. GO LIVE YOUR DREAMS! You are young. Trust me. You have plenty of time to have the 9-5 job, a wife and kids and a mortgage to boot. I hate to have regrets but I will always regret not chasing my dreams and at least trying to achieve them. I command you to go forth and enjoy this life you have been given.

    I love London and I miss Bishop’s Stortford terribly. I lived there as a small child. A lifetime ago. I will be following you and I want to read all about you chasing your dreams.


    • You’re so right leah and you are still young!!!! i will go forth and i will do it i promise and thank you, I’m nearer the north of england but i have relatives In brighton and near there!

      Im wanting to pursuit my career in music and hopefully make some residual income on the side so i can be anywhere and try to earn

      Love and Hugs for the comment Leah it means a lot!

      GS x

  6. You know, I’m in the midst of just doing exactly what you wanted to do. I quit a very stable job in a global bank and started my own business or sort of. I mean, it is still small and I am still discovering things. Yet, I am having side hustles for two years and you know what? You can never really be prepared. So I suggest, why not suck up your fears and just do it. You are 25, so young. If ever you fail, you can still make up for it. Trying is better than wondering what could have been. Best of luck to us!

    • Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! you’re so right and i wish you all the best of luck 🙂 do you have a website or anything for your business? would love to check it out.

      Im also trying to get advertisements hopefully on my blog to try and make a little money on here when i type as I’m struggling to post when i aren’t earning anything. So hopefully will get some residual income aswell as chasing my dream!! keep in touch

      GS x

  7. After I got my undergrad degree, I packed up and moved 3 hours away from my hometown to the city. The first couple months were hard because I couldn’t find a job for the first month or so, but after that, things slowly got better and better. Looking back over the last two years, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

    The thing of it is, if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back home. You can always find a job just for the money or a temp job–but it seems like you want to go big if you move to the city and I respect that. You can afford to be picky in the city.

    Best of luck! Let me know what you chose either way! I don’t regret moving away, I only regret being too scared to move farther.

    • Thank you so much for your comment!!!!! It’s incredible to hear everyone’s stories and the success that moving has had on them and I will definitely keep you updated :-)! I’m slowly getting everything in place to get moving so we will see where the road leads us!

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and checkout my blog!

  8. I changed jobs and locations many times in my youth before I found what I liked. While our minds crave stability, our hearts crave fulfillment. At 52, I have yet another location and career change coming. This time though, I sought God’s will through prayer, His Word and advice from respected friends. Save up, tread carefully, then go forth!

    • That is fantastic! I loved what you said and you are so true! Never too young and never too old to take steps and changes. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your thoughts! I do crave fulfilment and I feel like I have a higher purpose that I am offering the world at the moment and hopefully one step at a time I can change and grow and move and seek some of that fulfilment and really enjoy life!!!

      Thank you for the comment sir it’s really appreciated and I love connecting with everyone!

  9. Have you thanked God for what He has already given you so far?

    If not, you probably are not going to enjoy music or anything else, either, because something will always be missing.

    For example, you may end up missing the peaceful, quiet life of a little town and make you feel miserable in big, fat, cold London.

    I’m stuck will tiny income jobs since years but I enjoy the peace of mind and always find a reason to thank God.

    Wish you good luck.

    • Thank you so much for the luck and blessings and I am very thankful and greatful of all the challenges and positives and negatives in my life. I’m a big believer in fate and I know what will happen will happen. I try my best to be as greatful as I can be and try and see the bigger picture in everything. Having more faith and patience with life and all that surrounds it

  10. anintrovertsoutlook says:

    Hi, I think you should check out this article, as well as some of the other ones on Mark Manson’s site. Your blog reminded me of something I read by him a while back, and I’m PRETTY SURE this is it. I’m sorry you’re feeling so trapped, but I agree with you that maybe you just need to change your situation. It’s hard to get out of that “trapped and bored” mentality without anything changing–find ONE thing to do differently, and maybe that can be a stepping stone to other, better changes. I used to feel so trapped in my own life that I would fantasize constantly about moving out to the country and dating a farmer and living out in the open. Sometimes one extreme (boredom and frustration) leads us to another extreme (obsessive fantasizing). That isn’t healthy or realistic…that’s why I suggest just finding one concrete thing to change about your life. Good luck:)

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