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Things That I LOVE About Women…


So this is MY list of things that i love about women, a collection from things that i love (obviously) and things from my relationship with  Scarlett aswell and i felt that i should write something like this so you all know how amazing women you are and that there are men who appreciate and love all these things (no matter how big or small they seem!)

I hope i inspire people to write their own lists…. if you do please let me know and if you like what I’ve written please like and even reblog it! i hope to reach as many people as i can. So here goes…

I Love…

  • The way you smile when someone tells you you’re beautiful (even though for some CRAZY reason you don’t believe them)
  • Your hair
  • How it sometimes takes you forever to get ready (i actually used to enjoy watching my ex get ready)
  • How when you leave the house i find 295372719495 hair clips all over the house
  • Your Eyes!!!!
  • Your smile
  • How proud/the face you made when i was playing soccer/football (because you knew how good i was and how much i tried when you was there)
  • How much you laughed when i nearly made your whole family throw up playing sports with them because of how quietly competitive i was
  • The way you told me that i will be a great man and a great husband and father one day
  • How all the doubts about life you took away with just one look
  • How amazing you were/are around children
  • How your hands are always warmer than mine
  • The way you get excited on a date night
  • Your smell/perfume
  • How much family matters to you
  • How much you listen and pay attention to something even if you don’t really like it or care about it (like my favourite sports or music etc)
  • How you enjoy your food and get me trying more foods!
  • Your sense of humour
  • Your strong and warm heart
  • How beautiful you are with no makeup
  • How affectionate and how close you like being
  • The way you smile after we kiss
  • The way you nag (in a good way) when i need to do something important like go to the doctors etc
  • How you share your life with me and appreciate the life i share with you
  • How you talk in your sleep
  • Your sneeze (yes i said that!)
  • When you bite your lip
  • When your hair is in a ponytail or pigtails
  • When you wear my clothes
  • How you put others before you
  • How cute you can be when you’re jealous (see the next point!!)
  • How you would kiss me after reassuring you that i only had eyes for you
  • How AMAZING you look in a dress
  • Spooning!! Big spoon or little i don’t care 😛
  • The look on your face when i would surprise you at work
  • The way you say “I Love You
  • The face you make when i tell you that “I Love You
  • Your hugs and kisses
  • Your body
  • How you lay on my chest and wrap your leg around me
  • How you react when i tickle your back
  • How goofy and funny you can be
  • All the TV shows you love (Friends, One Tree Hill Etc)
  • Your sweet tooth and how much you loved me bringing you chocolate!
  • All the songs we share!
  • All the times we’ve laughed and cried together
  • How you buy us men something (even if its big or small) just to let us know that you’re thinking of us and care
  • When you play video games with us
  • How you make life exciting when you’re around
  • How you have 132434657434548 Dresses/Clothes/Shoes but still cant decide what to wear 😛
  • The way you’d sit on my knee
  • When you’d fall asleep on me in the cinema
  • The way you hold my hand
  • When you rest your head on my shoulder
  • When you know how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking even when i try to hide it (wether it be because I’m feeling down or sad etc)
  • How you make me want to do everything better
  • How you make me a better man
  • Having really vulnerable and intimate conversations about life and love and thoughts and feelings etc
  • The way you look when you run
  • Your sense of style and the clothes you wear
  • How you love to shop for me and pick out clothes and stuff for me
  • Kisses in the rain!
  • Always being by my side at social gatherings and sitting with me when I’m somewhere i find really awkward (like your rich auntie and uncles massive family party)
  • All the amazing and sweet text messages and phone calls throughout the day
  • The neck/collarbone area!
  • Your ears and how cute and small they are
  • How soft your skin is
  • When you’ve just come out of the shower and you’re wearing a towel
  • When you laugh at my jokes when they’re not funny
  • Flirting, how it can go from 0-100 real quick
  • Eye contact from far away and the smile that you make when you’re happy to see me
  • Your sexy phone voice
  • How you ALWAYS used to play with your belly button
  • How you used to have SO MANY different smiles, like smiles when you were thinking of something that made you happy or the smile you used to do when only looking at me, the fake smile when you were sad but wanted to hide it, i could list more!
  • How you always used to say you were cold so you could take one of my jackets or jumpers and i would never get it back 😛
  • All the car trips and laughs in the car singing to our favourite songs
  • All your cute hidden talents
  • How unintentionally and intentionally sexy you are
  • How you look in your underwear
  • How much you love kisses on your neck and collarbone
  • How you would get excited talking about the future (usually about having a nice cottage somewhere and being married with a mini me running around the house!)
  • How EVERYTHING made you emotional or how you found everything cute
  • Our favourite spot/hiding place
  • How much you loved that i could tell when we were texting when you was tired (literally freaked her out haha)

I’m sure I’ve missed so many more things out aswell but i feel that most men don’t appreciate or show appreciation for the little things that makes you YOU, and you may have been burnt or hurt in the past or scared to love again but never give up, just because you had 1 bad experience (or a few sometimes), i do believe there is someone out there for everyone but you have to keep being yourself, stay classy, keep your standards high and there will be guys who will be willing to walk 1000 miles for you.

Your Friend Always,

GS xo


114 thoughts on “Things That I LOVE About Women…

    • She hasn’t seen THIS post but on valentines day a few months before we broke up i wrote her an even bigger list (which I’ve expanded this list too!), it would be nice for her to see this but unfortunately we don’t keep in touch or talk anymore but ill always cherish these things that i loved and appreciated 🙂 thank you for your comment its lovely to know people enjoy what i write and feel

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words and reblog of my post!! I just wanted the women of this world to read this and feel that we do pay attention and that we do appreciate it, it goes a long way in this thing we call love!

      Have a wonderful day (you just made mine :-))

      • Thank you for the beautiful writing about women, I am around people that do not respect women or see the beauty in them. I get worn down from all the constant demeaning and being put down by the people I live with.

        I am trying to get to a position that I can move, so that I will not be exposed to the constant soul crushing.
        So that is why this writing was meaningful and important for me.

      • My pleasure :), that is awful and such a shame and i too are around people who have no respect for women apart from seeing them as trophies or perfect for one night stands etc ….its awful and you do right moving and finding somewhere else and better for you, but keep being positive and never lose hope in anything.

      • Okay. I will keep the hope. I have ideas that will probably work to generate money enough to be able to move. I get discouraged but I get a lot of support from my wordpress friends and that has been a big help.
        Looking forward to your future posts. Thank you for your words of empathy.

      • Ill be honest with you, I’ve lost hope many times over the past few years, my mum and dad divorced, i broke up with my ex, I’ve struggled for money etc and i never thought i would feel happy or content or feel like i was finding my purpose but i feel so much better because of what I’ve gone through, keep saving and keep working towards what YOU want!, this life of yours is YOUR movie so make it a great motion picture 😉 you can do it, and honestly thank you so much for your love and support and if you ever need me I’m only a message or email away!, also check some of my old post and let me know what you think.

        Your Friend

        GS x

  1. this is the sweetest thing a guy or anyone could ever write! Totally left a smile on my face and made me believe that there is still hope out there. hope you have a lovely holiday! X

    • Awww thank you so much 🙂 and well it’s all the truth, I’m sure I’ve missed so much more out but no doubt I will add to the list as I go along :-), I feel like us men don’t show our appreciation enough and these are things that make me smile and make me think about what makes you amazing, never lose hope and I’m glad it’s left you with a smile on your face! Your comment has made my day so thank you so much and keep in touch! Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year, 2016 is your year 🙂 xx

      • I will! Most of the things you’ve listed im so guilty of haha. hopefully the near year will be better as well! 🙂 i look forward to more posts from you and definitely keep in touch! 🙂

      • Hahaha I love it :-)! I’m glad you can relate to it and absolutely no doubt you will have a great New Years!! And I will keep trying to post I’m trying to keep more of a mixture of my favourite songs and how I’m feeling, it used to be a place to kinda vent about me and my ex (from previous post) definitely keep in touch and checkout my old posts! Let me know what you think and take care, have a lovely day and keep smiling x

  2. Loved reading this. reading it fills me with a relieved and hopeful feeling that someone will write a list like that about me. I am happy to have found your page. Thank you!
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you so much, and no doubt someone will write a list like this about you because there will be so many beautiful and wonderful things that you do that someone will appreciate you for :-), i fell so hard for Scarlett and it mattered to me to notice everything about her because sometimes we forget and take things for granted!

      Merry Christmas and please do keep in touch 🙂 Keep smiling and thank you for making my day special with your comment xx

  3. MurphyCee says:

    I wish I had known men like you before I got married to a louse. Right before we got married our minister asked him what he liked about me and he said “she’s pretty. and she’s great with my son”. I think my minister was trying to wake me. If I ever do it again I want list like you wrote!

    • Bless you i really appreciate your kind words and i cannot believe thats all that he said!, there are so many reasons that are big and small that us men forget to mention and truly show appreciation to and the list I’ve just expanded a minute ago and still could have carried on but i don’t want to write too personal etc. You will get a list of what i wrote when the right guy comes along, some guys find it hard to display their affection and some just don’t know how to. Im sure you will do fine and i truly appreciate the amazing person that you are! thank you so much for the amazing comment, it gives me a reason to carry on using my blog 🙂 x

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    • Bless you thank you so much!!! I’m so happy that this has inspired you and if you do write it can you let me know/link me it! would love to see what you write. The pleasures all mine thank you 🙂

    • I think a part of me always will. I know that its been so long since we last spoke and it didn’t really end well but she saved and changed my life and she will always have a place in my heart. I also wanted to write this to prove to the ladies of the world that there are men out there who do take not and really do love all these things. Men suck sometimes at truly showing appreciation and showing their heart but i aren’t afraid to put it out to the world. Im so glad you have commented and this is why i continue to write. Thank you so much

  5. Why can’t I find a man like you? Haha
    Finally a man that totally gets it.
    This made me cry.
    Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity!
    I’m going to read it again now!! 😉

    • Haha aww bless you!!! 🙂 i hope they are happy tears or I’m going to have to send out virtual hugs!!, You’re welcome and its something I’ve wanted to post for ages but I’m glad you’re going to read it again 😉 I’m going to keep expanding it!!! we do notice and its a shame that us men struggle displaying our appreciation! i find all the things i list, cute, adorable sexy etc!! x

    • Thank you so much and haha i am single too!, i just wanted to put something out there because a few of my friends who are girls have said they don’t feel appreciated etc so i thought well why don’t i write what i love!, Happy New Year!!

      • zenpersona says:

        Ahhh well i understand the reason why you wrote it! You did it well friend 🙂 happy new year to you and your family (and to everyone reading ;))

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  7. Just a note of thanks for liking my blog post Jealous. I’m new to blogging and appreciate the encouragement! Love this list! So often it’s the little things that bring the heart joy and that you not only notice but also share them blesses the women you love in ways you might never imagine!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 and I’m really glad you liked it!, unfortunately me and Scarlett don’t talk anymore but ill never forget and appreciate all the amazing things we shared and i hope people can thing on their relationships and relate 🙂


    • I probably am secretly unbearable haha!!, No to be fair a lot got in the way (failing college, mum and dad divorcing which was unpleasant, personal demons from everything going on, financial situation, you name it haha) we got through it and she went to university and things just changed, don’t know if it was her or me or us or what but she decided after all that time, all that love and good times that we were better off as friends. I wanted her to be happy and agreed (which i should NEVER had done) but i thought i was going to win her back and that shed realise that we were meant to be together and get married etc all that we planned and it just got worse and worse to the point where i couldn’t take being friends with her anymore because she was talking about my “next girlfriends” etc, it fucked me up and i tortured myself over it for a few years but in a better place now. That is just a summary haha

      By the way i really enjoy your blog so it means a lot you commenting and checking out my posts!

  8. These are the kind of words almost every woman would love to hear. I hope you find someone who appreciates your love, personality, and expressive abilities. Best wishes.

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    • There’s no pressure at all! 🙂 Iran about being perfect or having to do ANY of these things It’s just showing appreciation for all the small things that may seem like nothing to you that us men do notice and love 🙂 I do appreciate the comment and thank you for checking out my blog!

      GS x

    • Bless you! I’m glad you came across it!! And you’re welcome 😊🌹. We do notice and appreciate all the small things that you amazing women do! And I’m just a 26 year old old fashioned kinda guy haha!

      GS xo

      • Thank you so much, I really appreciate the kind words and it’s comments like this that made me so happy that I started blogging! I was my mother is an amazing woman and she’s an angel. Keep having and always have hope 😊 I look forward to reading more of your blog.

        Keep in touch!

        GS x

  11. Gentleman, what a wonderful tribute to your special woman, and to all women. You made my heart warm to read your words, frozen in time at such a special place. I should be so lucky (any man should) to experience that same magic on my own path. Be happy you had something many men never get to experience, or worse never appreciate. And never give up hope to find something equally special, albeit for different reasons, and with new favorite places to nuzzle .

    • Thank you so much sir, really appreciate your kind comments and yes I was very blessed very lucky to have loved so strongly and had the love in return. Very magical and was like a movie!

      Thank you so much means a lot

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