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Well my weekend is over, back to work tomorrow…wishing and hoping for things to change, for work to actually improve and for things to get better and have that feeling of moving forward but sometimes i need to take a step back and really look at things.

I can’t go into details but i can honestly say I’ve seen and I’ve been through some shit, some dark dark places and times in my life but looking back from where i am today, in this very moment I’ve moved forward. Ive had ZERO confidence/self esteem, I’ve had NO money I’ve dealt with a lot of difficult personal demons where at times I’ve punished myself for things that have happened to me or around me.

The beauty of life is the comeback, and the realisation of a purpose. A purpose of knowing where you’re going, what you dream and desire, of you what you truly want in life wether its money a new job your favourite music album or a family with children etc, we all have a dream and we all have shit days and have amazing days and its how you deal with all of it. Take time to truly appreciate all the obstacles you go through and also take a moment not to be so harsh on yourself…Don’t be thinking NEW YEAR NEW ME, start today! take control of your surroundings and be sure to invest time and money into YOURSELF.

If you want to do something GO DO IT!, who cares what other people think?, be unique and stand out from the crowd.

I may be rambling on but I’m just getting off my chest what I’m thinking and if it helps someone or you can resonate with it the please reblog it or comment! i love knowing what you all think and what you experience. Its comforting to know theres good people out there and that we all understand from every and any point of view.


Your Friend Always,

G.S x


23 thoughts on “Purpose…

  1. Great blog! I love the encouraging words and cup-half-full attitude. šŸ™‚ It’s also great to read them as written from a man – so many bloggers are women, really, so I love the perspective. I’ll keep coming back for more, you can count on that!

    • Wow, your post has made my day!!!, i really appreciate it and i am trying to definitely build up and be more positive! a lot of my early posts was more negative as i found it a good way to talk about things i feel that i keep to myself so its a great outlet and a way to even help others. Thank you so much!!! i look forward to your thoughts and comments and please check out my earlier posts and let me know what you think šŸ™‚

      GS x

  2. first of ALL I would like to thank you for liking my LETTER “what DO you WANT me to SAY??”

    I love this blog šŸ™‚ i love how you put this “we all have a dream and we all have shit days and have amazing days and its how you deal with all of it”

    good work

    i have written on this TOPIC about moving forward

    i would love to invite you to my site: i hope you enjoy

  3. Purpose is what we live for, without purpose we are simply surviving the day to day.. This is a great post and I urge you to listen to your soul, find your future self and grow towards it through love. Good luck on your quest! Eli.

  4. Yes yes yes… I understand, and I agree. But for me that’s the most difficult thing… What if we just can’t find purpose in nothing … Absolutely nothing? I wish I had a purpose … I’d put al my energy into it ..

    • You are on this earth for a reason, some people find their purpose when they are born, some when they are old and some discover it as they go along its hard to say when you have it but if it gives you a burning desire to really live life and makes you feel something that nothing else can (i.e. music for me) then you have found it and no doubt you will, don’t seek it, it will find you! šŸ™‚

      • I’ve lost interest in life because I have no joy in nothing anymore. I think I will die and not know what could make me happy. I don’t seek for it anymore and I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not like everybody else who know what they want or are happy doing whatever they are doing or at least have a purpose to live. Life is boring and I wish there was a quicker way out which wasn’t through pain.

  5. 40plusd8 says:

    “If you want to do something GO DO IT!, who cares what other people think?, be unique and stand out from the crowd.” Love that! Needed to read it today x

  6. Chaserologist: The depression in your brain is flat-out lying to you. I know this from firsthand experience, and I know that I always feel a bit better when I feel “heard,” so I am passing forward what a few, kind, conscientious people have done for me, and letting you know I hear, I understand, and I know you deserve better than you’re letting yourself believe now. Please keep yourself safe!

    Gentlemansparks: Thanks for liking my blog post, so I’d have the pleasure of discovering yours. You’ve done a beautiful thing by creating a forum where people can vent, reach out, and be their most honest selves! Thank you, and have a blessed holiday season!

    • Thank you so much for this amazing comment!!!! you have made today so special with your lovely words and the pleasure is all mine! please keep in touch and checkout my older posts and let me know what you think šŸ™‚ Happy Holidays and keep smiling x

  7. Great post. I loved how you stated don’t wait for the new year. Many people wait for that. If you want change start that day. Many people let life knock them down. There is no manuscript to life. We fall but we ALWAYS get back up. I can relate to what your saying. I was such a perfectionist everything had to be perfect so people wouldn’t see my pain on the inside. I was this way for a long time until I saw that I was not perfect and it was okay to feel the way I was feeling. Loved your post. It just reminded me of the journey of change I embarked on.

    • Thank you :), theres literally no better time than now and i must admit life and everyday normal routine knocks me down but you’re right you get back up and little things like watching my favourite movies or listening to songs or running helps me get back in the game and fight again. Wanting perfection isn’t a bad thing but what is “Perfect” same with “Happiness”, its not something we pursuit but its something we find in the craziest of things wether it be a feeling a song a hug love etc, my life has been a crazy journey and i am far from perfect, I’m just a 25 year old man trying to figure this thing called life out, but blogging and meeting amazing and inspiring people like yourself has helped me so much. Thank you for your wonderful comment x

  8. Anna says:

    This is the exact place I sat less than a year ago. It is comforting (though sad) to see that others have gone through a similar journey. This is really an inspiring post and I only wish that it had been available a year ago to inspire me.

    • Bless you I really appreciate your comment :-), it’s made my day!, I’m sorry that you’ve endured obstacles and that you can relate to what I’ve written and I know how hard it is, I wish I could be 1000000% honest and go into detail of what I’ve experienced but I can’t/daren’t. I hope this inspires people to start their vision and dream NOW and not waste another minute! Once again I really appreciate your love and comment šŸ™‚ x

  9. I have a son who is coming out of a bad time like you did. I can’t share this directly with him, he is 32. But I will share your inspiring post. Best wishes for your future.

    • Aww I’m sorry to hear that! and i hope everything will be okay with him just gotta stay strong and move forward. You’re welcome šŸ™‚ keep in touch and thank you for the comments it means a lot!!!!

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