What my crappy jobs taught me…


There comes a time in your life where you have to do something you don’t want to do, it can be and come in many ways and forms and mine is certainly my job. Answering the phone making calls taking payments receiving very unpleasant comments about my service when I’m just doing my job is daunting, frustrating, tiring and depressing. I’ve even thought about quitting and I’ve been here since the start or December.

I thought it was going to be an adventure I thought the job would have had training, support from colleagues, a room for development and growth and all it’s been is a push into the deep end and guess what?!? I CAN’T SWIM…. Or at least I thought I couldn’t….

We have all had shit jobs, we’ve had shit uniforms and low pay and low wages (this i still have) but there are actual things you can learn from rubbish jobs! And here’s mine…..

1. Retail – Being nice to people you HATE

Serving ungrateful and ignorant customers or seeing people you don’t like when you’re in a rubbish uniform and you’re exposed walking around on a shop floor teaches you a couple of things. That this job isn’t FOREVER, it’s a stepping stone and a test in the water for your next job. Just have faith and patience and save a little bit of money every wage, enjoy the people you work with and be greatful that people are desperately looking for a job. Working in retail taught me that unpredictability is actually a good thing, doing crazy shifts like 6-12 12-10 8-5 different days and doing overtime is actually a good thing because the shifts pass quicker I believe. I learnt that managers are horrible to you because they’re power hungry and that if you ever work your way to the top of the ladder sometimes you gotta give your colleagues a break. Some are going through hell and back out of work so stop worrying for 1 second if the shelf is empty or tidy and concentrate on building better rapport and morale In your workplace.

2. Office Job

Working 8:30-5PM is not fun, its actually horrible, i sit there and i just think minute by minute my youth is disappearing and i regret the freedom and the time i had from my shitty retail job gave me i should have been more productive and its no excuse but having depression and not wanting to even move let alone do anything productive didn’t help. This job has given me more money, to buy a mac, to pay for singing lessons, to save up and I’ve learnt to be more organised and more switched on day by day. I realised i became a bit of a zombie in my retail job, this job i do now is quite hard and frustrating and one thing that you could easily forget to mess up an engineers day. My boss treats me and everyone with respect, the atmosphere is relaxed, theres room for mistakes and growth, i dress well, my phone manner and everything has improved. I can understand why people stay in these kind of jobs but at the same time i just don’t get it, i am all for working but i believe in finding a passion, waking up everyday and not feeling like work, the big slump out of bed to turn alarm off and desperately grabbing an extra few mins because you had a late night worrying about your job and who needs calling first thing or what your boss will say. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Im literally doing this job to save up and travel and put towards my music, a year of this struggle might help me have a few years of LIFE of adventure and happiness.

Don’t settle. Dream big. Love and Laugh.
Your Friend,

GS x


26 thoughts on “What my crappy jobs taught me…

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s reassuring to know that it can point you in a good and right direction!, I just feel abit stuck at the moment and all the things I would as a career don’t pay well

  1. I can totally understand the negatives you’re dealing with in regards to these jobs. I feel like I’ve run the gamut of “going nowhere” jobs to help keep my family afloat. It can be so frustrating and disappointing to be in a place where you feel stuck day in and day out.

    • That’s literally me, just doing it for my family and it’s unfulfilling, I want to music but it’s hard to break into, and I do feel so stuck I want to travel etc but I do a mon-fri 8-30 till 5 job.

      Thank you for your comment it’s inspiring knowing people still read my posts 🙂

  2. If you decide you want to continue your foray into crappy jobs, consider customer service phone rep. Worst of the worst. Man, was it a great day when I got to hang up on people (though that was rare). I still have nightmares…

    • Hahaha!!!!! That is my current job! Customer Support Executive!, I feel sick everytime my alarm goes off in the morning because I know it’s not what I want to do and the jobs progressively getting worse, more targets more meetings (unpaid) it’s chipping into all my time outside of work (I do music/write songs and sing in my out of work time) which is what I want a career in!, I feel stuck and lost of what to do at the moment

  3. I like this as it doesn’t encourage the spirit of quitting while it still motivates one to do what they need to in order to get to where they need to.

    • Absolutely :), it’s not as easy as quitting BUT you can’t sacrifice your happiness for the sake of a salary because you’ll live your life feeling a huge sense of not fulfilling what you want and desire in life

  4. annamist says:

    I completely agree with the “profession should be passion” theory. But sometimes life forces you to make the undesirable choices. If you don’t have money, how do you support your family?

    • Life does! and thats the problem but on the flipside if all you do is a job that you hate to support your family then your purpose and your desires and dreams are what?, its hard to turn these into a career as I’m harshly learning this as i go along but do something that makes YOU happy!, as we say where i live “Mondays aren’t shit, you’re job is”, i sincerely hope you find your passion and turn it into a career 🙂

      Keep in touch and thank you for the comment!

      GS x

  5. I’ve always tried to have an open attitude, treating every obstacle as a learning opportunity. Even jobs that haven’t led me closer to my ultimate goals and dreams have opportunities for learning and growth.

    The greatest lesson I’ve gained, I think, has been the realization that I can fail at something safe or I can fail in trying to reach my dreams. If I can fail at both, might as well go no all out, no holding back towards my dreams.

    • Wow, that doesn’t sound good!! what do you do now? and thank you it is true isnt it. Im still wrestling between mon-fri 8-5 and my dream job (music) which i get paid for but not as much as my day job 😦 not giving up though

      • Follow your heart and the money will find you. I’m between jobs now & I drive Uber. The funeral home put money in my purse but it was emotionally draining. Stay with music.

      • You’re right 🙂 and ah cool!, that’s all my day job is doing at the moment… Will definitely stick to music!!!

        Thank you for the comments and checking out my post/blog by the way, it means a lot

  6. When we deal with a shitty customer service executive, we curse him and think bad of the company he serves.

    We wonder what idiot chose him to be a customer service executive if he hates serving customers.

    I worked as customer service for four years. I met many shitty customers but I always tried to serve and not complain or argue.

    That was my best job. And customers used to love me. I even helped the clients of other sister companies and competitors because we don’t know about their suffering and must not be insensitive to them but always strive to serve them, even if we don’t like them.

    Don’t judge people and your Father in heaven will also not judge you but help you.

    • That’s right, I mean I’ve been working in customer service esque jobs for around 8 years and I always provide warm and friendly service and I’m always kind to other even when I feel like I don’t want to. I just feel that when deep down in your heart you want to pursuit something but need the finances to live and survive sometimes you don’t see the blessings in front of us. It’s tough fighting between what I want and what I need right now.

      • God already knows what you want, what have you been through, what are your needs — everything.

        But we men are evil. Or as Bible puts it, “Hearts of men are evil and their minds are deceptive.”

        That’s why we are never happy and never truly thank God unless something that we like happens.

        This is what Genesis 3:15 says: I have put enmity between Satan and Women. So Satan means Mysogynist or Enemy of God — same thing.

        If God gives you money, you’ll do something wrong things so He is holding you through money.

        Irritating Lord, isn’t He?

        If you got a woman like mom or sister, follow her. She’ll be more comprehensible than God.

        Good luck.

      • Incredible words that you speak! An although I must admit I have no faith or religion that I follow etc I do believe in many things and the passages and words you have shared do resonate! And I am VERY close to my mum and she is my angel and guiding light at many times!

        Thank you I really appreciate everything that you comment and share! It’s fascinating to read and does resonate with me

      • If you are a mom’s child, then you got nothing to worry about. I’ve always felt good about you despite your negative posts and I guess now I know why!

      • I am! She’s my favourite person in the world, she’s been my rock and been through and hell and back together and will always respect and admire her. Thank you so much I really appreciate that and if I’m honest I started this blog because me and my ex Scarlett (not her real name just in case anyone discovered this!) broke up and it affected me so much that I eventually suffered from clinical depression and it caused me to physically and mentally torture myself to the point where I had issues and my twin brother told me to blog (and I write songs too which help!) and that’s why if you check out my older posts they tend to go through the roller coaster (even though I haven’t shared it all).

        I really appreciate the comment though thank you.

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