Life Lessons....

Lifes a gamble…


So it’s the weekend and after my shitty week I was invited round to my friends for a game of poker. Isn’t it crazy what playing poker has actually taught me about life?….let me explain

You see I was really reserved with my hands that I’d been dealt and it kept me afloat for a short while until chip after chip I started to run out and eventually I was down to 1 more big bet. I decided to go all in and see how much my friends would buy it to get me out of the game and luckily the Lady Luck was in my favour! I’d gone from having a few chips to having another great stack and a chance of gaining more chips from the guys who had just lost to me.

Coming from a guy who has played poker less times than I can count on my fingers I was in a good position to win, then as the night went on and the drinks were flowing one of the guys out of nowhere and sat next to me had everyone’s chips and had won the money we bet. Pure beginners luck and dealt a hefty amount of great hands.

My story is that when the chips are down(pun intended) you HAVE to keep going, keep pushing and believe that you may not have the most amount of chips or resources or money but you’re not OUT OF THE GAME!, all you need sometimes is abit of hard work, determination and also Lady Luck!

We all get dealt bad hands, hell I have from losing Scarlett to mum and dad divorce to failing college twice (some my own fault/responsibility I know) but its how you come back from it. It’s what you do with NOW AND TODAY that counts. There’s no better time than the present. So count your chips, check your cards and bet wisely!

Life is a gamble and sometimes it’s worth going all in, sometimes it’s worth holding onto your chips but as long as you’re in the game you have every good of a chance to win than the next person. It’s got to be someone so why not you?

Have a great weekend.

Your Friend,

GS x


8 thoughts on “Lifes a gamble…

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that! It’s something me my brother and our friends have done for years, it started at college talking about things in riddles using them so that people didnt have a clue what we were talking about. But the drive home from poker last night just made me think about life in that way. Crazy inspirations!

      Have a great weekend my friend

  1. buttonsy says:

    Thank you for this 🙂 It really is too easy to choose work over spending that extra minute with your loved one/s… am going to get off the internet and go and give him a hug. Thank you very much.

  2. I have found that games offer powerful means of communication of tough messages about life. It is no good having great ideas if nobody understands them. All great leaders recognise this.
    I have used card playing in one of my poems/songs called Play Your Hand…same thing. Great minds…
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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