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Reasons WHY I’m Single….


Okay, so I would like to say except my username I am and have been myself and completely honest about a lot of things, so here’s a special one that I have decided to share with you all. These are a list and kind of explanation of WHY I THINK I AM SINGLE, just for abit of fun and a reality check to myself! Enjoy!



It’s a rich mans world (no pun intended), you see I do have 2 jobs technically and I’m still in pursuit of a decent and more certain career in the things I love but it’s not generated a lot of money. I’ve had opportunity to do things id be miserable at for a little more cash and I chose to do what makes ME happy, and I believe it’s important BUT in my relationships it has cost me. I went out with a girl who’s house is worth over £500,000 and her aunties and uncles were the same! I went to visit a friend of mine and hers and his house was worth more than £2Million ! They actually lived a life I couldn’t keep up with……

Advice to fellas: Get a good/concrete job, that’s well paid for how you want to live your lifestyle….ACT YOUR WAGE.



Now ladies if you LOVE burnt toast and microwave meals then I’m your man ;), as much as I enjoy going on dates and romantic meals one of the things that annoys me is cooking, learning and doing it, I tried so hard for me and Scarlett and I just couldn’t, and we would always end up at a Pizza Hut or somewhere to eat out because I was rubbish and she was first to remind me also haha!, man if I had a family id be stuffed because they wouldn’t eat!

Advice for fellas: take time in trying to cook, even small meals or cute meals even if it’s easy sometimes it makes the world of good!, even if you have that one special dish that she likes I will help 🙂 one way to a woman’s heart is FOOD!!! 🙂



I feel hurt putting this a little but to some peoples (beginning with S) their taste in your function and stability in your family isn’t what they want or appreciate. My mum and dad went through a tough divorce which she knew at the time but also she started to realise that I don’t see much of my other relatives aunts uncles cousins, only my grandma and 1 auntie and I used to visit my grandad a lot before he passed, in comparisons to her regular visit to her grandmas far away, family night once every week of the month (which I was one of 2 people accepted as family to be invited) her cousins and aunties were always around, mother and father still together and siblings in relationships, she kind of wanted the same as what she had, also at the time there was friction or uncertainty about acceptance in my family (even though I reassured her myself) which did cause ALOT of problems and hurt for myself

Advice to fellas: just be yourself, it’s something you actually can’t change and control, accept each other for who you are and that you are going out with them for THEM not their families.



I’m deadly serious! I’m close to my mid 20’s and I miss being a kid….I still am a child in a lot of ways, it’s a good and bad thing… I always felt and kinda felt like I was made to feel IMMATURE, sounds crazy but I did I can’t explain it but I’m the baby of the family, I like my movies my video games my snuggles and being happy and joking around and all I’ve discovered maturing is that not a lot of people appreciate and want that or see that in their lives, I’ve had a lot of fun and stuff sapped out of me yet I feel like a kid still.

Advice: Take responsibility, never grow up in a sense but learn and grow every day into the adult life, be realistic And see life for what it is. Good and bad.



That’s not my real name(DUH :-P), but I don’t APPROACH women, I usually become friends first and either I or them fall for each other, I don’t go on nights out approaching women and getting all up in their business, hell I don’t even stare from a distance (I ain’t buying lobster just to feed that hehe)
I am a good flirt but only when I am serious about someone I can’t just egg someone on and just randomly flirt etc, but sometimes approaching is the most important step of all!

Advice: SHES NOT OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE (or HE), just go for it, the worst they can say is no or I’m taken etc and move on!!! There’s so many beautiful people out there and some who like you who you have no clue! Go talk to them!!! NOW!!

6. NE-YO – Let Go
Listen to the song and you’ll know what I mean. But when you really love someone, I’m not talking about saying it just coz it’s fitting I mean when you plan on marrying the love of your life, great chemistry, always a laugh, planning things, making promises, the memories and everything is hard to erase and just remove from your brain, sometimes it does make things worse because it hinders me finding someone different, but I’m old school, you all know me by now, it hurt me ALOT, caused pain in my life that I didn’t need or deserve, maybe I will forgive and let go of it one day who knows!

Advice: don’t meet someone else until you’re over it, don’t be with someone because you’re lonely, wait, invest time in yourself and love yourself FIRST.

I’m sorry for all the text! If you got this far please leave a like, leave a comment, what reasons do you think you’re single? Etc

Until next time, take care and keep smiling we are all beautiful and perfect in our own ways.

Your friend,
G.S x


67 thoughts on “Reasons WHY I’m Single….

  1. I think that The Reason number 4 is what it takes to have a sparkling like. And one of your most amazing qualities…Any smart lady will want to fly with you, as long as you keep your wings (and your arms) wide open. But i also know that, if you’re Peter Pan, you probably will adore the flight more than you’ll love the lady 😉 .
    I like your writing style, it’s charming! I was reading the whole list smiling all the time. But i gotta warn you 🙂 : someone will see in your list a big challenge to try to steal your heart away. Be strong, my friend 🙂 .
    With admiration,

    • Bless you, this is such a lovely an heart warming comment to read!, my wings/arms are always wide open and I would hope to adore both the flight and the lady and that she wants to share it with me ;). I really appreciate that I try to be as interesting and as honest as I can and I’m glad you were reading it all with a smile on your face !, I will be sure to have my whits about me and not be too naive!

      Sending my love and admiration back 🙂 🌹🌹


  2. wheresmyhusband says:

    I was single…and may be in the future, because I look for damaged people. This is sonething I recebtly figured out. They have a major flaw that I overlook or think I can help. I personally think im awesome. But my flaw is other people’s flaws.

  3. Wow, this was nice. I am just gonna turn 17, and I think I am single because… I cant be with people for a long time. I argue a lot. And I am stubborn. Lol.

    • Thank you :), well all I can say is that you’ll grow out of it, and you will meet someone who will calm you and kiss you when you’re about to argue etc!, you’re young so enjoy every day make it count and people come into your life for positive and negative reasons, learn be strong move on and be happy!!!!!!!!!!

      Your friend,

      G.S 🌹🌹

  4. I really liked your post. It was honest and very well written. Dating is shit today. People expect to much and fail to see the good things they have/could have with someone, because they always want more. No one’s perfect… they just got to be worth it 😉 …. keep posting. i like your stuff 😉

    • Thank you so much!!!! It really means a lot and it is, I didn’t really want to be single again and going back to the start, that’s exactly what happened with me and my ex, I always say I’m Aladdin and she wanted Aladdin in prince alis clothes!

      Thank you I will do, checking your blog out now 🙂

      G.S 🌹🌹

  5. My reason is because I know that if I were saying yes to any guys at the moment, it would be because I’m lonely. I’ve had a lot of guys confess to me in the past few weeks of being alone. Some of them want sex, some just want someone to be with and potentially love, and one has liked me and me alone since he first met me in middle school- he wouldn’t tell me who it is, but it was obvious from the way he refused to admit who that it was me, and then his friends told me that it’s me as well. So I’m single because I A) don’t want to jump into a relationship and get used again, and B) I don’t want to hurt someone that actually cares about me

    • I think you’re in a good place in respect that you know what you’re going through and understand what not to do, I saw this girl for abit when I was lonely and it was so painful and te worst thing I ever did! So don’t see anyone because you’re alone, I know it’s hard sometimes because we all have wants and needs but sometimes you could always end up having that gut feeling everything you choose is wrong, especially don’t hurt those you care for, love will find you I promise that

  6. All I can say is you will find someone who is what you are looking for :), you’re not asking for too much and it’s good to know what you want wish and desire!, when I wrote this I was still pretty hurt and bitter from me losing Scarlett, did I possess everything she wanted and needed? No, and I don’t blame her because I couldn’t give her what she wanted and I hate it every single day still, but you will find someone and make sure they do fit the bill for you, but give the guy a chance to prove his worth and take your time! Especially in the dating phase don’t rush and test his actions not words! You will get there, until then enjoy your life for what it is! 🙂 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  7. You are one pretty cool guy! Here are my thoughts. You just aren’t meeting the right girls! I know, I know, that sounds so silly because every one says it! But it’s true. There are some girls out there, and believe me because I am one, who don’t think money is everything and are okay with a simpler life…and who prefer to cook and who enjoy the friendship part of the relationship before jumping into a serious one. So, good luck! 🙂

    • Awww bless you you’re such a sweetheart! :), haha I guess that it’s true I think the only saddening thing is that I WANTED it to be her so bad we were pretty perfect for each other but there was alot of her parents influence and her university friends that must have made her “wake up and smell the coffee” but I appreciate what you’re saying 🙂 it truly means alot, I honestly don’t know if I want a relationship as much as I did? I’m very career focused etc as I really want to get my life on track more properly!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and I hope you check out my other posts and let me know what you think

      G.S x 🌹🌹🌹

  8. I enjoyed reading your blog! I expected you were 50 something as I started to read, and I thought, hmm, this guy is just my type … but because you are not (in your 50’s), these reasons are just excuses 😉 Some day your Princess will show up, and you’ll wonder what happened to all those reasons lol

    • Thank you :)!!!! Please let me know what you think of my recent and past posts! Hahaha I’m not 50 ;)! I’m 24 do you reckon they are just excuses? And bless you thank you so much have a wonderful day and I appreciate your comment so much x

      • I didn’t say it very well – I just meant that to be that resigned is kind of what a 50 year old would say … I did catch that you are in your 20s and I just say, don’t give up! You have a lot to offer. 🙂

      • I understood what you meant and I appreciate the compliment! 🙂 I won’t give up thank you it means the world to hear that! I hope you have the time to check out my old posts and let me know what you think!

    • I made the mistake of just spending time with someone purely because I felt so rejected and lost from me and Scarlett. I realise my mind and heart really wasn’t in a good place and I regretted it so much, thank you for commenting on my post 🙂

  9. I think I’m single because after two husbands and two divorces, I just don’t really trust anymore! I met the love of my life at 38 and then I lost him! Now no one else can come even close to him!!!

      • Well I was going through my second divorce when a man that I worked with and I became friends. Needless to say friends developed into what I thought was the perfect romance. After eight months we completely fell apart. We have been broken up almost a year but I still haven’t gotten over him completely. I’ve tried but it just hasn’t happened. I know you said not to be with anyone else until you get over your ex but if I really listened to that I would probably never be with anyone again. He is the one man that I just can’t seem to get over no matter what I do!

      • I know =\ I’m so sorry that that is the case but what do you do? You’re in a turmoil and situation where you can’t move on but may never get him back? But if you move on you may never love the same =\ it’s so hard and I don’t know what to say and suggest, mines been longer than that and I still care and love Scarlett but it feels like it’s gone beyond repair

  10. Thank you everyone for all these enlightening posts. They come just at the right time! I had been in love with the same man for most of my life, but time and time again he found different ways to hurt me. Then, finally, I stopped caring about his needs, his wants, his desires and decided to walk away from him and the toxic relationship he and I both shared. I am now on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. I am allowing myself the time and the patience to heal and prepare myself for a good, solid, strong, caring, loving and attentive man. What I figured out is there is never room for a good man when a horrible man is occupying space. You must make room for the good man and let that horrible man go on his way. Trust me, if you’re waiting for him to change his ways and be the way you need and want him to be: STOP! He is not going to change . . . not for you and not for himself. If a man wanted to change, he would change. If love is not enough for him to change and his family is not enough for him to change, then it’s a lost cause. Cut your losses and stop wasting your valuable time on this loser and move on to something and someone better. Take your time . . . heal . . . be whole . . . and when the time is right and you’ve rediscovered the passion of “YOU”, then you can let someone into your life for love. Do not allow another in your life when there is still residual nonsense and confusion left over from the previous man. The present man could be “the one” and a good man, but because of the toxic leftover mess from the previous relationship, you could hurt him and put on him all the pain put on you from the horrible man. Everything in due season . . . love yourself for a while . . . your “ONE” will show up . . . I promise! Much love to everyone! Again, thanks for all the incredible posts!!!

    • I am 🙂 in 24 and you’re right! There’s too much pressure of a lot of things especially when it comes to what women want, the girls who have split from me have all picked little things like needing a new job, having more money etc and you end up with a sense of worthlessness in a way. I don’t feel that anymore or certainly as much. I also did it as abit of a laugh aswell just to kind of point out and just share and see if people relate! Thank you for the comment 🙂

  11. Actually, I read all of these comments with some sense of wonder, because I married at 20, and it’s been a wonderful 47 years since. I entered marriage with the expectation that marriage would be the biggest job of my life, but it would carry the biggest rewards, and I feel I’ve been proved right!

  12. Fascinating way to look at being single, I should have read this in my teens, lol but teenagers think they know everything so I probably wouldn’t have learned anything valuable. I really like your up-beat attitude. Wishing you all of the best. AinsleysNonnie

    • Thank you so much for enjoying my blog! And I felt like I had to be honest or how I guess I saw it. We all in our teens feel and act like that but we learn change and grow! Time is a crazy thing sometimes.

      Thank you so much for the love and comment. Take care and keep in touch!

      GS x

  13. My story is different.

    I’m single because my wife found my love lacking. Now I’m trying to understand and find answers because I had always tried to put her first.

    It’s complicated. My blog is all about women.

    • I am interested in checking your blog out! It happens and we have to love and find ourselves before we can love others and I realised I had to lose Scarlett to find me. The most bitter sweet feeling in the world.

  14. I know this will be a stupid comment, but how do I subscribe to your blog? I am new at this and at a loss of how to find other blogs to follow and how to get others to follow mine. AinsleysNonnie

    • I’m not too sure if I’m honest, I know there should be a follow button somewhere! I don’t know how to subscribe but I would love to follow your blog also 🙂

      Let me know if you discover it so I can subscribe too!

      GS x

      • I can’t even find the three-lines paragraph symbol. It got something to do with what theme you’ve chosen, customizations and what browser one is using.

        I use an Opera Mini 4 and 8 on Nokia Asha 205 phone.

        I’ll try your blogs’ addresses and follow you somehow because I’m also lost in WP.

      • Berni, I use my laptop with windows 10, I haven’t even tried to download to my phone as I write too much, lol.I would like to read your posts also, can you give me your url?

      • You’ll get notified on both your WP Reader and on your email address you registered with WP (WordPress).

        You’ve followed my blog successfully so you should get notified of my new posts.

        I’m not sure of others you followed. When I first followed blogs, it didn’t stick because my phone sometimes doesn’t process the command, just refreshes the same page, fooling me.

        It is a wicked phone, got no Eve in it, but now I know and don’t trust it unless the bottom of the blog changes from “Follow” to “Following”.

      • Yes mine sometimes changes from follow to following and sometimes back to follow so I always go through to make sure! I look forward to reading your new posts and keeping In touch through the wonders of WordPress!!
        I really appreciate your comments on my blog 🙂

  15. The theme you’ve chosen is also evil (Eve-less). That’s why people are unable to follow you, much to their loss & regret because you write good stuff.

    When someone follows you, likes your post or comments on your post, you feel gratified. So it’s crucial that you choose a theme that is as simple as possible, loads quick on slow connections, etc.

    I’ve kept the default theme, Minnow. Must have been designed or approved by a woman!

    • Ah I see! Maybe over the weekend I might give my page a revamp! I enabled the mobile friendly version of my theme so I will go through and make it easier to follow etc!! And I appreciate your kind words with my blog. Felt uninspired over the last few months as I first wrote or started writing after a breakup and it caused me to have severe depression amongst other struggles in my life. I’ve overcome all of it so always wondering what people would be interested in knowing!

      Haha I like the comment at the end! I may need to find myself one theme similar!!!

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