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Creative ways to be dumped!

Yes! The title kinda says it all and firstly it’s not a bashing of my wonderful ex’s (sarcasm possibly), but I realised after having a conversation with a friend today that every time my girlfriends have finished or dumped me it’s always been in an amazing location or saying the most horrendous stuff you can think so I thought id share them!

1. Break up VIA TEXT!
Oh one of my favourites, it’s not you it’s me, I can’t emotionally get involved because I have so much coursework etc to do!, it’s always a good one when you expect a soppy text and in 5 seconds it’s over!

2. Telling my sister to inform me it’s over
Laughing as I post this I guess she thought it’d be more respectable to tell my sister than to tell me in person, it still baffles me to this day!

3. On a date (in a relationship)
Sat in the movies whilst being told she met someone else who ironically was a millionaire (no joke), then later it get rounds to my brother that she regretted letting me go, well I can’t afford her either so gutting :).

4. On the train home
My worst experience ever, also not because there was a train Full of people but the classic “Can we be friends?” line was used on me, still not over the situation and relationship to this day.

5. Being told im “Too Nice”?!?!?!?!
Ladies ladies ladies my absolute pet peeve!, HOW can you say a guy is too nice???, i consider myself to be a nice guy and a gentleman but isn’t that what most ladies want and claim need?, i dont know if this is an excuse or what but this has to be one of the most annoying ways to break up that i hear about and has happened to me….

These don’t seem like much re reading them but at the time feeling hurt embarrassed sick stupid confused etc seems surreal.

So I want to know yours how have you been dumped? How have you ended it before? How did you feel?

Sharing is caring and there’s no shame in any of it!

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108 thoughts on “Creative ways to be dumped!

      • Oh it sparked a huge “thing” about how one would expect more from someone you’ve been married to for so long, etc., etc. Especially when we were still living together with no previous talk of divorce and he wasn’t expecting to actually leave for a while yet…it ended up being an interesting mess. Felt like I was on one of those crazy melodramatic reality shows.

      • Wow! I’m sorry to hear that I can’t even imagine how it must have been, when the road gets rough especially when it comes to divorce etc it can be a horrible experience, but where there’s dark there’s light, I hope you took the positives out of it πŸ™‚

  1. Yes. Evidently he was emotionally attached. For almost a year we had shared some lovely back and forth dialogue, respectful, and I really enjoyed the relationship. Pissed me off to be blocked like that because HE couldn’t handle it, like I would stalk him or something, which is not my nature. Maybe I expected too much. In any case I had to block back. No free rides here. Sorry to spill. I just found your post at the right time. Thanks.

    • That’s ridiculous how he could have the nerve but some people are crazy! But good on you to block him back and doing the right thing, no need to apologise spill all you want, sharing is caring and it’s nice to have people to talk and listen to πŸ™‚ you’re welcome thank you for reading and enjoying! Keep smiling 🌹

  2. Ugh. Can totally relate. The question of “Can we be friends?”….So tough. Why would I want to be friends with someone who broke my heart? A friend wouldn’t hurt me like that. I think only maybe in time, years down the road, once the hurt heals, can you truly be friends. Great post!

    • Absolutely! Thank you for the reply and I couldn’t be friends with her she was my soulmate etc but I said I couldn’t watch her love someone else, you can’t one min say you wanna marry someone etc and then decide I’m friend zone material, it’s awful and it’s comforting yet awful to know how many people have gone through it

  3. Let’s say he used traveling for work too much I don’t know when I’ll have free time!? My favorite is you go out see each other then the dude just disappears without a word! (Not cool!) I told this guy i was still a virgin and he freaked out and disappeared! I’ve ended two both very adult and respectful and honest, one he was a nice sweet generous guy I said I didn’t really feel a spark that I hoped he found everything he was looking for. Another I ended because I’m not the kind of girl who would date and have sex with two guys at the same time, so I don’t want the guy I’m seeing to I want exclusivity he didn’t I walked away.

    • Wow! That isn’t cool at all and he freaked out? That’s crazy and well both that you have mentioned are respectable, not having a spark is very important because there has to be that something there and the other one is crazy but good for you I don’t do sharing either and I’m extremely conservative about my sex/private life I think it’s important to have respect for one another’s personal traits and behaviours in that respect

      • The guy I said I was a virgin too he did a get freaked…I sort of can’t blame him. It’s hard to explain and for a guy in particular to understand why you are a virgin still at 36!!! But since then we have talked.

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  5. Oh, I am glad to hear I’m not the only person who’s heard the “You’re too nice” line… really?! Am I supposed to appologize for striving to make good decisions my whole life? Or, am I supposed to be mean in a relationship?! Really.

  6. Too nice? You need to listen to this podcast. I found it really interesting from the perspective of someone who has dated the “nice” guy and wondered why I found myself not at all attracted.

  7. This is great! I was seeing someone & when we ended & i finally stopped giving him attention he kept coming over whenever he saw me, interrupting if I was talking to a guy & when I finally asked what it was he wanted from me he said he wanted to be friends. The look on his face when I said tough was priceless.

    • Thank you!!! So glad you like it, and good for you!!! It’s hardest thing to do walking away when it’s like that but I was friends for a while and I ended up hating her guts I think she wanted to keep me close but push me so far away that I repelled her, I couldn’t cope and cut it off and for about 3 months she kept calling and texting me, she waited outside my house I met her it was lovely she wanted to see me again and she cut me off said it wasn’t a good idea and not heard from her since!, thank you for reading and commenting it’s always nice knowing people are enjoying what I write πŸ™‚

  8. I have been told I am too kind and that leads guys to believe that I LIKE them. What kind of world is this where person can’t just be nice???

    I was supposed to be meeting up with a guy, our 2nd time meeting, and we had chatted about it online. Then for 2 days I hear nothing from him. So the time of the meet rolls around and I message, guess we are off for today.

    Now, I see his profile is gone!!

    Just say, hey things arent going to work out!!!

    • Awwww no I’m sorry about that! It really sucks can’t it and I know my ex used to confuse my politeness to people as flirting!

      Some guys are chicken shits (excuse my explication) but that’s how I describe them, it’s like doing something as a child and daren’t tell your parents coz they’ll get mad, online dating is tough but don’t give up on it all just because there’s a few jerks out there πŸ™‚ keep smiling 🌹

  9. Let’s see, I’ve been cheated on by one guy who all of a sudden realized he wanted more space so then he broke up with me, one guy realized that a girl from a past relationship was pregnant with his child so he left me to be a father (he was sixteen) , I’ve also been called too nice, and then I’ve been accused of being passive agressive

    • Awwww no they’re all pretty bad aren’t they 😦 would you rather be the dumper or the dumpee? I’ve only ever left 1 girl and she was a horrible person (hate to bash but can’t help it)

      • Well I would rather get dumped, I guess. It’s painful, but it’s at least not as guilty as it would be actually dumping the person. I’m assuming you have the same opinion since you’ve only done it once before. Did you know she was like that before you started dating?

      • I didn’t and I would rather be dumped I guess too, but it hurts more than dumping sometimes or by the seems of it!

        I didn’t actually we were long distance and everything was good and then after a few months she started confessing things, kicking off, her dad was in jail for fraud her mum hated me she had no friends (literally), it just got horrendous, she played mind games and she was a cause of me failing college and I just said I love you but not in love with you anymore, she said you best get your stuff then and I never went to get it, just ended like that, she messed me around even though she knew I was a good man (she admitted a lot eventually) and I caught her cheating and forgave her but it was one disaster after another (this was before Scarlett)

      • I hope she’s happy and doing well! I know that she will have done well with herself and I still feel like I’m in constant recovery mode with Scarlett haha, sometimes I wish id never fallen in love with her etc, it’s been one of the hardest things in my life

      • Do you think there’s a chance you’ll ever get back in contact with Scarlett? It amazes me that someone would love a girl so much that they’re still hurt over a year later. I’ll be praying for you, okay? πŸ™‚

      • I would love that but only for friendship? I’d have to say no, if she’s happy then I’m happy I guess, I couldn’t be friends with her again because I love her and I wanna be her man haha, I know I can love her and treat her right and better than most guys!, I can guaruntee not to flirt or look at another the way I do her and I’d never cheat, who can promise that?

        Oh it’s been 2 in November when it all started when she wanted to be friends, it’s been a year and abit since I cut off being friends with her

        Please do, you might need to pray a lot though (sorry!)


      • There is absolutely no reason to apologize. I REALLY want this to work out for you. Good for you though. May I ask why she only wanted to be friends?

      • Bless you, me too πŸ˜‰ haha, and well money and job was a big problem, she’s pretty comfortable and don’t think her parents approved of her going out with Aladdin, they want prince Ali not Aladdin and she needed aladdin in prince alis clothes (that’s how I best describe it) plus she thinks no couples should or argue, we didn’t argue all the time but we had a few days that were really hard, I wish we’d have both been mature about things, a lot got in the way I guess and she didn’t see a good man with potential through it, she just decided to freindzone me so she had no guilt or pain afterwards, told her I couldn’t be friends she said she was still in love with me. We were on and off and I cut it off because it was making me worse and worse

        She came to my house drunk after kissing someone else professing her love for me after she did this and I drove her home and forgave her that was when the freindzone thing was happening so it all just spiralled out of control and I couldn’t make anything better.

      • Well. I’m sorry. That’s terrible… Yuck. I don’t know what to say to you. I’m glad you got out of it; thank you for doing that. I’m sorry this happened to you- I know it doesn’t really cover how painful and bad that was.

      • It was such an amazing love and relationship and it just went really dark and black so suddenly it was like everything was good enough and one day it wasn’t lmao

      • I guess it’s another sad love story haha and she was “The One/It” for me, and now I don’t want anyone else but it’s too far to go back now, no FB no number no contact etc, I saw her parents the other day and had a panic attack! God knows why or what I’d be like if I saw her again

      • You aren’t making anything worse!!!!!, and yeah haha she lives in the town next to me, I still see her brother and I saw her parents the other day, I’ve not seen her though

      • Haha you’re not! πŸ™‚ ask anything you like it’s not like my identity is out there, and I rushed passed her parents so I didn’t really want to talk to them but if they saw me then yeah, her brother sometimes say hi yeah I’ve not changed so they’d know πŸ™‚

      • The very last time I saw her I just sat and stared at her and made the most of her being there because I knew she probably wouldn’t see me anymore, we talked and chilled but I just enjoyed the moment

      • Ah well, were you still like this in highschool? Respectful and gentleman-ish, I mean? Maybe they’ll grow out of it. It just hurts my feelings, to be blunt. The most common thing I hear is, “oh no, I don’t really like you, I just wanted a girlfriend.” Ouch? Haha. πŸ™‚ They all like to talk to me for a few days constantly, asking for love advice, then after a while, they tell me, “oh by the way, the girl I’ve been talking to you about is you.” And if I say no, they get upset and tell me that I wasn’t worth it, they didn’t like me anyways, etc. But maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing.

      • Oh god yeah, I’m 23 now and I’ve been like it since a little boy, always been taught importance of being a man and a gentleman by my grandad, and I’ve been in the same boat as you, that used to be my problem, but you will grow out of that phase and don’t be upset or bothered from it because you might reject someone in a similar way, then you’ve walked in their shoes and understood!, just bide your time and if the guy likes you he will put in the work!!!!

      • I think there’s so many problems with society today. I’d say yes to your question but roles are reversing, men are becoming the women and visa versa, also dating and love isn’t the same. What do you think? (And you didn’t offend me)

      • You have to keep in mind that I’m a highschooler dealing with highschool relationships. I don’t know exactly what you mean by reversed gender roles. I think people take it for granted more than what I assume they used to, but to be honest, I don’t know enough about the past/present situation to form a reasonable opinion. Explain yours to me?

      • Well men are slowly become the girls in the relationship and visa versa, I think that with tinder and dating apps and people spending so much time on their phones they expect and demand everything they wish for and life and love doesn’t happen that way if you get me?

      • You’re not being specific. How are girls becoming the men and vise versa? Yes, I fully agree with you about the second part. And then I also think it’s taken for granted when it does turn out.

      • I just think with feminism that a lot of girls don’t appreciate the way guys function, they’re supposed to be the bread winners and make the girls proud and provide and profess their love but instead? The girls can get their own and do their own, so chivalry is blown out of the window it’s hard to explain πŸ˜›

      • No, I get what you’re saying. I’ve noticed that myself. I always appreciate chivalry. πŸ™‚ Even guys make excuses to not do that though, because “she can do it herself; she doesn’t need me!”

      • This probably sounds weird, but who ARE you? I imagine you as a man with a British accent who always carries a cane and a top hat, the tail of his suit catching the wind as he races across a fancy courtyard to open the door for a lady. How far off am I? Haha πŸ™‚

      • You are very far off I’m afraid, I’m a regular guy although I have a British accent as I am English :), I think I’m my heart I am like that, but I would say in like Aladdin haha

      • Oh, you are British? Well I was somewhat right haha! πŸ™‚ I’m actually going to England this summer for my sweet sixteen. I’ll see you around πŸ˜‰ jk

      • Well when you see on the news, “crazy teenager causing ruckus in town square- assaulting young men screaming, ‘GENTLEMANSPARKS'” you’ll know it’s me πŸ˜‰

      • Hahaha I think guys would just be confused and claim to be me ;), and I haven’t I have loads of friends there but never had enough money to, was planning to move there to pursuit a career but it’s living and everything that comes with moving especially changing countries

      • That would be a challenge… We good luck to you. But why America of all places? Why not some other foreign country? New Zealand or Canada or somewhere?

      • Ah, good point. No, I don’t have twitter… I’m sorry… I HAVE one, but I don’t remember the password or anything, and I’m on a school iPad, so it’s blocked anywaysp

      • I was still being romantic, she kept wanting to cuddle, sometimes kiss and hold hands and a guy tried it on with her on the train and I went out of my way to go with her every day on the train (whilst we are friends) to make sure she felt safe etc, I bought her mini eggs (her fav) and write her a list of everything I loved about her and it all just wasn’t enough I guess

      • Well that’s a shame. To be honest, that makes me really sad. I would give you a hug if I could. You’re such a sweetheart! 😦 I’m sorry… I can’t see that not being enough- I don’t know what else you could have done.

      • It is a shame, it lead me to a dark place for about 10 months!, knocked life out of me, and I’m sending you a hug and you have nothing to apologise for, I felt like I did all I could, it was just some things that I couldn’t change that weren’t good enough

      • Better than I did :), chasing my dream and working towards a life I’ve always wanted, I need a miracle and lot of prayers but hopefully will get there, it’s like I’m doing this all for her but she’s not around, so what am I doing it for? I would say myself but it motivates me in a weird way

      • I don’t blame her because she expects and demand the lifestyle her parents had but we weren’t her parents and they struggled before they had all the money etc, if we’d have stuck at it we could have been like them perhaps?

      • Okay, I’m sorry for so many comments, I don’t mean to spam you, but I know why I’m wondering about this so much know. You remind me of someone I used to know from an artist website I was on. He was a really sweet guy and talked JUST like you. I’m truly sorry if I’m pestering you!

      • Well his name is Calvin. We’ve lost contact though. His username had something to do with Apples… It was on deviantart, if you know what that is.

      • :), I appreciate it, and I know a lot of guys will and do try to get out of it but ignore it !

        If you get a chance checkout a film called “Think Like A Man” one of my favourite films!

  10. GentlemanSparks:

    Hello. Thank you for liking my recent post, Men and Their Money: Men, Women and Feminism. After reading a couple of your blogs, I see that we are writing about the same topics, from two different perspectives. Your blog, “Creative Ways to Be Dumped” is very similar to my “Top Six Excuses for Canceling a Date.” This is still one of my most viewed articles.

    Anyway, thank you for the contact.

    Merlene @Merlene’s Memos

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